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  1. Thank you so much and congrats on the release. Wasn't able to play or get online for a few weeks and now I'm radomly reading through the forum and there it is :) Everything looks fine so far.
  2. Hey there, KommieKat. Sorry, but I just saw your first PM :/ Will answer soon. And thanks for informing me. When I played the first RWO version, I thought "This would be so perfect with 90s units". Now I check the updatet post and find Delta Hawks units linked! They are awesome Delta Hawk, I love them! But I can't play the missions. The first one works fine. 2,3,4,5,6 are not starting, because downloaded content "usarmy_sf" is missing, but I don't know what that is!? The last mission doesn't start because "no player selected". What can I do?
  3. Yes, I already have some of these missions on my "to play list" and some time ago I played Six Days in Fallujah, which I really enjoyed a lot. I never gave any feedback and just consumed. I will change that now because it sucks to just take and never give, considering this high quality output you and many other mission makers, editors, scripters and so on create, the VERY least I can do is say thanks. So you have one more fan here! Thank you.
  4. I am using CBA_CO but I'm just wondering if CBA causes these bugs. Now tried it without beta and CBA but the bugs are still there, especially this one, which prevents the convoy from arriving. Also mission 7 does not end. It's no big deal actually, I can still play everything, it's just weird. But I don't want to share just my bitchin'^^ I really like this campaign! All the real names and (if I remember right) the movie quotes made an awesome athmosphere. The mission who features Shughart and Gordon was very athmospheric and dramatic, really, really good work!
  5. Can these problems appear because of CBA? That's the only thing I started it with besides fallujah and the helo pack.
  6. Yeah, I already disabled stuff like ACE before installing/starting gothic serpent, so I guess it's the beta. Is it enogh then to just remove the "beta" folder from the "expansion" folder?
  7. Thanks for the correction, but my problem was, that I couldn't (and still can't) connect to armaholic. But I downloaded it on arma2base now. I started "Irene" five times now and four times, while landing on the target building, the little bird got stuck und the edge of the building, fliped over and exploded. One time, while flying to LZ, a black hawk behind me randomly crashed and exploded (maybe it was supposed to be super six one?). I then tried to jump on a balcony before the little bird explodes but then the mission ended with the message, that I captured all HVTs but lost super six one. Now I managed to land, capture the bad guys and secure the building, but no trucks are outside to pick me up. But fortunately I can skip this and move on. I really like the story and the names of the missions really made me hungry to try them :D From "Irene" to the infamous "mogadishu mile" :) Very good and thanks again!
  8. Great news. I'm SO looking forward to play this. Congratulation. But... is armaholic down? Need the helo pack.
  9. On post #32 tom3kb reportet a similar problem: And yeah, I disabled all other mods before installing/playing.
  10. Thank you :) All the best for your upcoming stuff!
  11. @Kommiekat Me neither. I am just stressing out random people, ya know^^ @nettrucker Whenever you are ready. I managed to move on in the campaign and what can I say... this is grade A work. Just as I expected. The messages, the intros, the cut scenes and the athmosphere are awesome. First mission: as Kommiekat said: this was hectic. Very stressfull to leave my ass in the grass try not to get hit by small arms fire or rpg, but also to help out my squad. Unfortunately, the mentioned bugs remained. Second mission, which I played at night in a dark room. Creeping through the dark and noisy jungle, the sound of battle in the far, the "sniper" theme well kown from the Full Metal Jacket soundtrack running in the background, occasionally gunfire and flares... just great, man. The vietnam mission I allways wanted to play. Best Nam feeling since 2004s Vietcong :) This loong long walk got me really weary (in a good way) yet tense. It's awesome when a game can do that. The cut scene about finding this shellshocked soldier ended it perfectly! From the middle of this mission on I had to handle with other strange stuff I have never experienced playing arma on this computer yet: ridiculously long loading sequences (around 4 minutes) and an incredible low framerate (around 9; sometimes even 2 - 4. Fiddling around on the graphic settings did not help) Third mission was again very hectic. Here paradoxically I was able to heal everybody again. The first to radio messages only popped up for a second so I could't read them. Fourth mission: I'm right in the middle of this misson and... damn, this is tough :D The problem that I can not drag or carry wounded guys remained throughout the whole campaign. Still I love this campaign though there are many brutal bugs. Maybe you can figure something out if you have the time and muse to. Thank you for this!
  12. Another problem. And I'm about to get really depressed cause it seems to work just fine for everybody else: when I die, the game doesn't stop. I am also unable to open the menu with esc. Actually no key works. So I have to end the game with the task manager.
  13. Hello nettrucker. Thank you very much for your effort to help me. What triggers the radio messages? I had the vague feeling, that it comes to early when I am up front of the group and comes right in time when I'm at the end of the group. But I can't put my finder on that 100% at all. Just my assumption. In my first post I mixed it up with a german word and wrote "robbing". Of course I meant "crawling". And @kommiekat too: Yes, that works! Thank you.
  14. Hello guys and gals. This is my first post here so hi to all of you! I'm into ArmA for a while and I'd like to thank this awesome community for its H-U-G-E and great, high-quality output! Also thanks to nettrucker for this campaign and all his other great stuff and the whole RWO staff. I can't wait for new output! What a great concept. Sorry in advance for bad grammar since english is not my mother tounge. My grammar also decreases when I am very excited about something ;) I ran into many bugs while playing the ArmA-series - as everybody I guess :) But I've allways been able to erase them somehow. But I have never seen such strange bugs as in Operation Wayne Grey and I have no idea what causes them. So I am still stuck in the first mission. I started the first mission many times. The first two problems only appear sometimes. - loud radio all the time - dramatic radio messages ("we're getting shot to bits") allthough there is no enemy contact yet. (I don't mean the talking that comes with UNSUNG and is there always. I mean the scripted talking (text) that belongs to OP Wayne Grey) These bug kill the athomsphere a bit but they don't prevent me from going on in the mission. But here are the bugs that REALLY made me crazy. Restarting the mission does not erase them. - I can't heal every soldier. At the beginning, I am able to heal all wounded soldiers. But after a while I'm only able to heal soldiers who are standing or kneeling. Wounded robbing soldiers are not healable. At this point it is also not possible to drag them aynmore. Thanks to the other medics that my whole teams wasn't erased. - I kept trying to heal and drag them and this happened: I clicked "drag" and nothing happens. I am shooting some rounds into the jungle and suddenly my charakter goes into the dragging position but is not dragging the other guy. On the contrary and more weird: the wounded guy is robbing around and draggs ME with HIM and I am unable to get away. So after minutes of him dragging me around he dies and I am still stuck to the corpse. Some minutes later, my chararkter does his healing motions into nowhere and I am able to walk around normaly again. What the hell is going on here? Do you have any idea what causes this weird bugs? - small EDIT: the campaign is listed two times in the in-game menu. No problem here but its strange.