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  1. Hello, everyone. https://twitter.com/modTFAR Please vote for TFAR on MakeArmaNotWar Pleased to present you new radio mod for Arma 3 - Task Force Radio. It connects you game to TeamSpeak (similar to ACRE). All information about installation, usage, and so on you can get here - radio.task-force.ru/en (mirrow) It is totally new product, open source, used for PvP and COOP games with more than 100 players. To avoid information duplication (radio.task-force.ru/en) just few moments: Simple to install and use, stable Support for radio and direct speech (3D) Ability to change direct speech volume You able to hear radio and direct voice simultaneously (if player is close enough) No map changes are required (ItemRadio will be replaced by personal radio, group leaders will get long range radio, a lot of vehicles have inbuilt radio) 3 rifleman radios (one for each faction) 3 personal radios (one for each faction) 3 long range radios (one for each faction, backpacks) 3 airborne radios (one for each faction) Multiband radios Underwater transceiver interface for divers Simulation of underwater speech and radio communications (you can't use radio underwater, you can only mumble underwater, you may use Underwater transceiver, you able to use long range radio in submarine if part of antenna is still under the water surface) Different audio effect for long-range and personal radios Support for radio interference (because of distance) Vehicles are classified into open and closed (isolated). If you are in an isolated vehicle, you will not hear voices from outside (and vice versa). However, if you turn out of the vehicle, you will hear voices both from inside and outside. Ability to switch radio volume Ability to use more than one radio Spectator mode for dead players Two modes - for PvP and for COOP Automatic TS channel switch on game start Ability to pick up radios with all settings saved By default, radios of each faction use their own encryption codes, so you will not hear enemy talks, even setting the enemy’s frequency. To listen to the enemy’s net (and talk on the air) - it’s necessary by any means to capture an enemy radio station. Ability to switch stereo channel for radio Radio interference according to ground surface API Etc, etc, etc. On armaholic. TFAR-related addons: TFAR add radios to vehicles from: HAFM ArmA 2 HMMWVs Import HAFM ArmA 2 US Helicopter Import HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled HAFM UAZ Cars C-130J Port Release Stand alone hmmwv TFAR for Arma 2 bwmod/ Integration: XMedSys C-L-F-Mods-Additional-backpacks-radios AGM CSE TFAR-related scripts: [*]Frequencies on map by Zealot (updated for 0.9.0) Update 0.9.8 available Update 0.9.7 available Update 0.9.6 available Update 0.9.5 available: Update 0.9.4 available: Update 0.9.3 available: Change log: Update 0.9.2 available: Change log: Update 0.9.1 available: Change log: Update 0.9.0 (public testing) available: Plugins for TS 3.014 update 0.8.3 available (download from site) Update 0.8.3 available: Change log:
  2. Yep, old version of plugin (tested) currently used. I will update it later. Regarding new functions: I want to find some freelancer (C++ and SQF) to help with it for some money, because currently I have no much time for active development. I hope someone will PM me :)
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/620019431 Bug fix release 0.9.11 Also, thinking about hiring some student to work on TFAR for 100$ per week.
  4. Just be forced Zeus - you will have all LR radios.
  5. Because it is not possible to distribute userconfig on Steam + some security reason. Need to think about other solution here (probably some settings menu).
  6. Addon updated with fix of included file 0.9.10, sorry guys.
  7. Will release on more additional fix (minor) in day-two.
  8. Update is deployed, could someone do quick additional tests?
  9. Update with APEX fixes is coming in hour or two (sorry for delay - too much work at main work)
  10. Nope, not possible.... :(
  11. Please check https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/issues/1070#issuecomment-227017770
  12. Could you please try with CBA and TFAR only? Also, it is works on local server for you? I can see lot of such lines in log: 23:53:48 "Adam/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler] Stack as been updated with ID (CBA_PFH) for Event (onEachFrame) executing Function (cba_common_fnc_onFrame), Replaced: (true)" It is source of the problem. Someshow BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler is breaked. Need to find which mode/mission causes it.
  13. Looks like issues with moving out of channel is related to CBA update. WIll check.
  14. Looks like API not providers required features yet.
  15. Will check, probably it is related to CBA.
  16. Not possible at the moment (only to have 1 in backpack).
  17. Is radio works for your friend? Any errors on your client RPT?
  18. Could you check client arma logs for errors?
  19. Could you confirm it works with serious mod?
  20. Hm.. Not getting any error....
  21. config_settings.hpp is disabled for steam version because of workshop limitions. Use regular version for server.
  22. No reuqired C++ API for discord at the moment.
  23. https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/wiki/API%3A-Functions#TFAR_fnc_isPrototypeRadio
  24. Not possible at the moment, because TS supports only 1 audio channel.