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    hide error messages

    Hello, I would like to play ARMA 3 with some mods and all of them seems to be working but one of them is producing a error message while I'm playing at the middle of my monitor. Is there a way to hide error messages in ARMA3?
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    You find a classnamelist in the readme.pdf
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    like this? :) At first, thank you for your feedback.. The g36 has other materials mostly plastic than vanilla weapons so it have to look different. Darker? For real? ;) You have a big difference in ARMA between very bright places were things look very bright and more shady areas where dark materials look like "black holes". Have a look on it, when it is released. I think it's the best compromise
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    2wip pictures and a new video showing the G28 E2 & G28 E3 PATROL
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    hide error messages

    Hi, thank's for your help but it isn't a script-error. The error message only appears when I try to load JayArmA3Lib. I think this version is outdated for the devbuild but it seems to work fine. Only the error message is annoying.