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  1. Hi ! Finally, someone got interested in this ! We found some equations to provide data for accurate motar fire : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjJW8d6Ffy2ndEQyaF9SSUdpVWZvWk1jaFc4WGcwT1E#gid=70 It's in french, but i think you guys could understand french words like "Elevation", "Distance", "Altitude" and "Angle" Good ! you speak French now ! Anyway, from any flat terrain, it's OK. But when there's a little angle, you just can't check this inclination and adjust the values. So i tried to make a simple addon that levels the mortar but couldn't find a way. I've never done that anyway... For the love of air resistance in ballistics, would you help me with it ?
  2. Awsome pack you got here, thanks for your work. Do you plan on making rolled sleeves version of your uniforms ? (which would look incredibly badass). As for Helmets, and everyone asking for it, i think AlexVestin's ones are the best at the moment. As for the Night Desert Vest, i think the "Guerilla Smocks could do very well, (U_BG_Guerilla3_1)
  3. Actually, it's kinda relative to weight since the last update and the new fatigue system. Setting up the "mass" of the things your carry is rather difficult because it's also relative to space indeed. As for the weapon in your hands, space isn't much of a deal, and when your M60 is supposed to weigh 23 lbs but weighs 0.1, there is a real impact on fatigue and your avatar's movement capacity. But it's actually a big change in addon configuration.
  4. Hi, Just like for Robert Hammers M4 pack, I noticed since the last Bootcamp update that the weapons of your awsome pack have low weight data. I made some internet searches for actual weight and added these masses to the config file. I'm not releasing it to public, but was wondering if you were interested in this file for any future update ? Let me know !
  5. Koj

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Hi, I noticed since the last Bootcamp update that your weapons have no weight. I made some internet searches for actual weight and added these masses to the config file. I'm not releasing it to public, but was wondering if you were interested in this file for future update ? Let me know !
  6. I'll try to get it, but i've found the source : The issue come from BW_LoadCalc, it works fine on clientside only but when launched on the server, it disabled the SW radios... Hope this helps gienkov ! I'll post this issue on the mode thread. Edit : Oh, i think i got it, and the author is aware of it. This mod calls a disableserialization command for whatever reason, but your SW radios need it to work. Conflict.
  7. Hi, we have the same issue over here. It only started yesterday, after some mod updates. (Kyo MH47, HLC AR15, Trixie's UK Weapons, PepeHal's Massi's pack audiofix and BW LoadCalc). @ Gienkov : did you update some other mod, one of these ? Note that we have no problem when launching on local, i'll try to load back before these updates and keep you informed.
  8. Hi there ! thanks for your work and the update, we've been using this mod for some times now and we were expecting this update, especially for the compatibility. I've tested it this morning and i have to say i'm a little disapointed, let me explain in blue color quoting your changelog : Would it be possible to have two versions of the GPS, one simpler with the old design and no compatibily with Laser Designator (and maybe less setting options like refresh rate stuck to 5 or 10 sec, no auto-cycle waypoint...) and one with the new design and all the cool new features. I hope you guys can sort this out, i'm actually french so let me know if i can help you in any way or if you need testing with a lot of players (we play we 30 - 55 dudes every night). Thanks again for this addon !
  9. It works fine in version 0.3.6 here. Our settings are : Hearing_Multiplicator : 0.14 Hearing_CureValue : 0.00095 Hearing_earPlugManipulationValue : 0.8 But i change it directly in the .pbo. I got this habit due to previous bug with the serverconfig.hpp, maybe you should try this way ? Hope you can find out.
  10. Hi ! Still playing with XmedSys here, i think we've found a bug, or at least it's an issue. So we tweaked the audio variables so you become deaf more quickly, but some guys began to complain that it was too quick. They were only shot once and became deaf. So i checked, made a few tests and it seems that some shots in trees or the floor near you are "louder" than your own shots, and it make you deaf almost instantly. Is that possible or am i making a mistake. I hope you could find that out. I also made a request in the feedback tracker for more variables in the audio scripts. We'd like to be able to set the quickness of the loss of hear, the length of deafness and the time of pregression while your hearing is back. Also, when you're deaf, i think it'd be more immersive too still hear loud and low sounds, kinda like in the water. I hope i'll be implemented in XMS2
  11. Hi, It's a very nice mod, i love playing with it, for direction as well as Artillery Designation (finding coordinates). But there's a huge downside for playing it in multiplayer, it's the fact that you're still able to use the Vanilla GPS when equipped. So i changed a little thing in the config and made it a Watch. I hope you're OK with it, and that it may help some users.
  12. Hi, Really nice addon, i was wondering if these buildings were implemented yet, and if so where were they ? Thanks !
  13. Dude ! So cool you got help from nkey and other people. We are using XmedSys almost every evening on 30/50 players coop, i try to report major bugs and things that make the mod hard to play, but we're using it with the VTS, so there might be some special issues due to (un)compatibility. Keep on keeping on ;)
  14. Ok, simple as that ! Thanks for the info, it's much simple to configure now !
  15. Hi, I tried to figure out how to use serverconfig, followed the link in the file but i finally have not a single clue on how to use it. Could anyone help with this, juste a simple explanation or where to find any info (besides http://x39software.unitedtacticalforces.de/wiki/index.php?title=XMedSys_serverConfig) Great Mod, a bit harsh to configure but i think it's worth.