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  1. Hello, I just bought Take on Helicopter Until now I fly with a BK-117 on X-Plane 10 with a joystick "PFT Evolution". I can not use it with ToH. It does not recognize the pedals and I can not adjust the sensitivity of the other axes. Is the PFT Evolution is recognized by ToH? How can I adapt this joystick? Thank you very much for your answers and advice Quechouan
  2. Hi, Thank you for your answer! However, it looks like not enough ïŒ I do not understand: On the one hand, on the screen “customize controllerâ€, the five cursors are reacting. It looks like to recognize the controller On the other hand, my “PFT Evolution†is not present in “controller schemesâ€. So what do I have to do when it is asking “select schemes for “PFTâ€? In fact, the box “controls†displays always “mouse settingâ€: is it possible to change it? And when I double click on “left pedalâ€, I do not have any option to select or to drag corresponding to the “PFT†controller? I believe I still need your help to be able to fly and enjoy with ToH