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  1. Awesome! Many thanks. I think that's worked perfectly now; at least, I've entered an FPS section after conquering Duessa. I was slightly disconcerted to find the research on Terminus was some duplicate of something already in my database, but I think it's going better now. Great! (I also had a fun confrontation with the enemy carrier on Duessa, in my case just after I conquered the island. And indeed the forward plasma does a very good job at smashing that carrier, doesn't it?)
  2. Hi all! I was delightedly playing through this awesome update to the old classic I remember from my teenage years on the Amiga. But then... I hit the Marshes Upgrade bug :butbut: and my campaign turns out to be unwinnable. Reading online, I discovered the Marshes Upgrade bug was fixed in v1.2 or v1.3, but I've foolishly been playing v1.00.0002. I understand the Marshes Upgrade should normally be obtained at Terminus, but it wasn't for me. So I'm happy to upgrade to v1.5 or v1.6beta, except I understand that the save games aren't compatible :cry: Therefore, before I patch my game: Does anyone have any campaign savegames for v1.4+ that they're able to send me? Ideally I'd have a savegame just before or after Fulcrum. The assault on Fulcrum was pretty epic and I wouldn't mind replaying that :) But I don't want to replay the whole campaign because I don't have very much time for gaming now that I'm a father and it'd take me a loong time to get back to where I was. Look forward to hearing from anyone here. I'll be checking this thread for replies, but I don't know how the savegames would be best transferred; if email works best then it'd be awesome if you could email them to alex.churchill [at] cantab.net. Alternatively Dropbox links or forum attachments or whatever are all fine too.