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  1. It don't work. When I get over to the car, they drive before I get a chance to get in...
  2. Hey. I want a unit(the player) to get in a car and join the group. The group units are already in the car, done by "moveinDriver/Cargo". The player needs to get in the car, join the group, and then the group drives to a waypoint. How do I do that, when the "get in" waypoint don't work when placed on an empty vehicle, and can't be synched either??
  3. Hey. How do I make the animation "STAND_U1-3" work? I'm trying to get an unarmed unit to do like an armed unit with [this,"STAND","ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat; in his init
  4. You mean like [man2,targ1] ? It dosn't work. I can't "save" the unit with that code in init. Not with [this,targ1] either ? (The target is called targ1, 2, 3 etc
  5. The code that F2k Sel wrote works fine with popup targets.. I would just like if they would keep target the target. Like always point the weapon at it so I can make them only have 1 sek sleep
  6. Thank you very much.. Is there a way to make them keep target the target if they only have one?
  7. That only makes him target it. He don't shoot. Not even if I put "man2 doFire target2" after doTarget
  8. Hello. I know there is a lot of threads like this, but I can't find anyone that helps me. What I want is some AI's standing and shooting at some training target. And I want them to keep doing it. So it needs to be in a loop and with infinite ammo. And please tell me the full code, I suck at this... Hope someone will help me :-)
  9. Alek10

    New helos yesterday dev branch

    Oh okay, thanks. I will read that next time... I don't really use this forums much :)
  10. Hey. The two new helos came to the dev build yesterday which I'm happy about. But since I couldn't get out and get in a the helo again, I bought the dlc bundle. But I still can't get in them, and at the start screen at the bottom where you can see which dlc's you have, there is only karts and zeuz, but no helicopter dlc.. Is it on purpose?
  11. Alek10

    Talking animation

    Oh I was using BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat. I removed "Combat" so it works now. Thank you very much :) Now I can finally continue my mission
  12. Alek10

    Talking animation

    STAND_U1 to U3 don't seem to work. Nothing happens
  13. Alek10

    Talking animation

    Thanks, that works, even tough their mouth/lips don't move much, but it will go. From a little distance it looks like they are talking.. But how do I make it work if they are unarmed? I mean it still works, but the movements and arm positions are only for armed men??
  14. Hello. I have been searching alot for this, but I can't find out how to do it. I need to make 2 or more Ai's standing and talking to each. Not with chat or anything, just the animation, where they move their mouths and maybe arms a little too. I don't know much about coding, so please write the whole code to make it happend. Oh and it need to be a loop so they won't stop :-)
  15. Alek10

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Hey. Is there a way to save? I don't like to play multiplayer, but I like to play CTI mission with Ai's. So I would like to save and quit the game, and then later or another day, continue. But it didn't seemed like I could?