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  1. Hi, Aenast here and I'm looking for some good, friendly, non-toxic players. I prefer 12-15 years old. I'm not looking for some specific role, I just wanna some cool buddy to play with :). I wanna play DayZ or just Co-op missions. Online time doesn't really matters, but you should be online atleast on weekends About me: I'm 13 years old. I play ArmA 2 Combined Ops for like 1 year ( yeah, I know that isn't much but what?). I can play any role, but I prefer being some kind of ,,grunt'' if you know what I mean :D. I can speak English pretty well, but I'm Czech so I would be glad if I could speak my native language :). Here is my skype , so add me for more info about myself :) : skype - aenast28 I think this is everything that I want to say. So Bye for now.