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  1. AussieGrimRanger

    ADF Uncut

    I do be leave they are still working on it we where spose to get a update .3 about a month ago but im guessing they are have some dreamers whit something not working right
  2. AussieGrimRanger

    Trying to host mission but no units in the menu

    yep iv now got it running cheers just restarted the comp and started arma and its working agen cheers
  3. AussieGrimRanger

    Trying to host mission but no units in the menu

    cheers zodd tryed that just now but still like you sead, no joy, Lan works but not internet. One of the other clan members on ATM is having the same problem as for steam we are both logged in
  4. Hi guys im trying to run a mission to test if things work and see what bugs we might get. When i got to run the mission it tells me there are no units there, but there are at least 12 playable units there including the player unit, any iders on whats going on there, and all of my other mission are the same now too even ones that have been played and completed
  5. AussieGrimRanger

    ADF Uncut

    Nice to hear there is an update coming for this set. It is awesome, love the guns too they look better finished then others iv seen and used cheers
  6. AussieGrimRanger

    ADF Uncut

    hay guys im using this mod with my clan Brothers Of Mayhem [bOM] and we are finding the medic uniform is not loading in to game and the ammo is removing its self from our vests is there some way of geting this to work right or is it just a bug atm cheers Lt. G.Ranger
  7. then how do you add your gear to your players Iceman77 as im have the same issue as well
  8. AussieGrimRanger

    Steek revive/respawn

    hay Ghost iv tried your suggestion but can seem to find the damage any other iders as im stuck im try to use them on a range as targets but atm there a one shot deal i would love to get it to respawn just the clay i am very new to all this but i do understand most scripts iv seen Cheers
  9. hi guys im looking for some help on getting the skeets on the posts to respawn/revive is there a any command to get this to work or is it just not possible cheers