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  1. Did you open up ALL ports? Here is a nice article for reference.
  2. Glad you sorted everything out...though I wish the cause was determined for the sake of knowing.
  3. norybiak

    Arma crashes starting missions

    Your issues is similar to this thread. Try following the posted solution.
  4. I figured you would have to reformat (or in your case upgrade to Windows 8), usually best to do once and awhile anyways. Sorry for not being able to truly help, you've already done all the basic things that usually solve these kinds of issues >.<
  5. norybiak

    Opinions on Windows 8?

    I am running Windows 8.1 on my desktop and absolutely love it. I am always open to new ideas and technology, so the upgrade was only natural for me. Windows 8.1 performs better than Windows 7 in my opinion. I can easily navigate my files and go about my daily tasks with ease, and I don't have to rely on the old start menu; the windows key is very useful. I will admit that it did take some time to get used to, but now it's second nature.
  6. That is very unusual. Why ArmA 3 is the only game with no sound on your system is confusing. You've done a reinstall, which indicates that you've tested with no addons/mods that could possibly conflict with the sound. Have you tried creating a new profile and deleting the other ones?
  7. Did you do any system changes before the sound issue? Any OS updates, game updates, hardware updates?
  8. norybiak

    Arma 3 problem

    What exactly is the problem? Is the mission disconnecting you randomly? All I can tell from the screen capture is that you aborted.
  9. I am curious as to why your Realtek audio drivers are N/A in your dxdiag report. Can you confirm you've downloaded the correct Realtek audio codec version specific to your motherboard?
  10. norybiak

    Sound Issue - Fps drop when a Apc shot

    Sometimes V-Sync causes issues in some games. I just tried the exact same demo as in your video and I don't have any stuttering. I changed settings in ArmA 3 and Windows to try to replicate the issue but each test shows no apparent stuttering. I am leaning towards hardware or 3rd party software causing the issue, which you will have to diagnose. This may be a hard drive thing.
  11. norybiak

    Sound Issue - Fps drop when a Apc shot

    Do you have V-Sync enabled?
  12. Did you try verifying the game files and remove any other addons?
  13. norybiak

    Sound Issue - Fps drop when a Apc shot

    Sorry for not answering your questions about the sound card. A dedicated sound card shouldn't cause the game to lag (nor will it increase FPS based on modern processors capable of handling audio pretty well) , but it doesn't hurt to check and update drivers in case there are any problems that could possibly interfere with game performance (bandwidth issues with the CPU). Now, for those with integrated sound, game performance may be hindered if a combination of both outdated drivers and over sampling causes the CPU to either overload or focus on the audio rather than the game. Modern CPUs are able to handle audio with ease, but there may be problems when the incorrect settings (or hardware combinations) are applied. Check the sample rates of both the windows settings and RealTek (or sound card) and make sure they match. On the other hand, the game may also lag due to the hard drive access time in which the sound is being fetched. Massive game freeze or stutters are usually caused by the hard drive. I am only guessing, and the above may not even help, but its something worth trying.
  14. norybiak

    Sound Issue - Fps drop when a Apc shot

    Most of those are just simple possible solutions for people to try if they haven't already. Fragmentation in personal computers is a tough thing for game developers (or any software developer for that matter) to combat. Sound samples or sound sources? For sound sources in ArmA, it just means the maximum number of different sounds you will be able to hear in 3D space. Speaking of sound samples, for those having the sound/fps issue, try lowering the sample rate of your speakers via control panel -> sound -> speaker properties -> advanced.
  15. norybiak

    Sound Issue - Fps drop when a Apc shot

    Try the following: - Update sound card drivers (if applicable) - Update onboard audio drivers specific to your motherboard - Defrag your hard drive - Update BIOS - Update DirectX - Upgrade your computer (CPU may be the culprit) I personally do not have any sound or FPS issues, so I can only speculate (I'm not about to replicate!).