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  1. It will be free to play of course. But in order to get on the server you do need to be registered through our website :) Like i've said before - "We are going to reduce the amount of deuchbagary on the server by having the while list".
  2. I feel as though we are going to be doing a white list just to make sure we can cut out as much douchebaggary as we can. We all know it's not all possible but in order to get on our server you do need to be registered on our website and activated by our admins. Though, that is the plan.
  3. Yes it will. We have built a new system to store your equipment and cash. This would sync up with the website in which you could view your ingame inventory/ garage/ or even pay your cell phone bill ;) Don't want to say much. Yes in addition with this new system you can go to any server and use the login that you have created on our website and still keep the same inventory and cash. As a Dev i feel this mod will be something interesting and very exciting when it comes to economy.
  4. VeprUA

    Sikorsky CH-53E (WIP)

    That is so awesome! Keep up the good work.