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    Save game

    Seems like i solved the problem, and maybe also found the cause. After setting my clock to autoupdate i saw some files and folders dated "tomorrow"(!) I probably hit the wrong button when setting date in bios at first run of my new system. When Arma3 sync, it will be somewhat "confused" over this difference and refuse to save. Re-checked date in bios, but still no save. Deleted the addon-folder and re-installed by properties/check integity. And save is ok. :D Sniper
  2. =vu= sniper

    Save game

    Yep. Validated 3 times. First time reported "3 missing files, -will be downloaded", the two next reported OK. The folders is created when i save, but nothing is written inside. Investigated a bit more just now. It seems the game save as normal, but when i dies it erases everything(???) Both autosave and user save made files, but afterwards the folder contained only "weapons.cfg". (still more than yesterday)
  3. =vu= sniper

    Save game

    Hi. Upgraded my PC, did a clean install of Win7 and SP1 and a clean install of Arma3 from Steam. (v1.60) The problem is it won't resume a showcase, autosave or manual save. Both show up in screen, but gives an error on missing content. Checked "Documents/Arma3/Saved/**** Blank. Tryed to set Arma to "run as Administrator" -nothing. Edit: BTW NO mods used. Anybody have some idea? (Am i looking in the wrong place?) Sniper
  4. =vu= sniper

    Addon cba_xeh_a3 requires addon CAData

    Still getting this on startup.. (Using RC4) Game loads ok after responding to error, but it seems like reloading autosaved scenario don't work. When trying to load saved mission (Scenario GUNSHIP) i get: "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.cadata" Game v 1.34.128075 C.B.A v (???) These 3 noted from startup screen - why 2 CBA:confused: C.B.A v Sniper
  5. =vu= sniper

    Game Startup

    Hi. When starting game i get 10sek black screen, -> 14sek white screen, -> 8sek black screen, followed by 4 error messages. 1. Missing: bin\config.bin/RscTitles/SplashBohemia/Picture.type 2. Missing: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/O_Ifrit_F.scope 3. Missing: bin\config.bin/RscTitles/SplashArma3/Picture.type 4. Missing: bin\config.bin/RscTitles/SplashCopyright/PicA3logo.type After closing those the game starts and run normally (i think) :p I have set settings to update automatically via Steam. I also tryed to "check integrity" in settings/local files without luck. Is this something who will sort itself on future updates, or do i have to manually find those files? (My main consern it the Ifrit-file, rest has no effect on game i think) =Vu= Sniper
  6. =vu= sniper

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Great mission. All seems to work exept the pip. Tryed calling 001 both before and after entering heli, and also tryed calling for switch to thermal without result. When starting the mission (yep, -from showcases), i get a error for some static object missing (open in editor and save) Tryed this witout result. When starting game i get: Missing: bin\config.bin/RscTitles/SplashBohemia/Picture.type Missing: bin\config.bin/RscTitles/SplashArma3/Picture.type Missing: bin\config.bin/RscTitles/SplashCopyright/PicABlogo.type Missing: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/O_Ifrit_F.scope :butbut: Tryed to verify integrity of buffer in Steam/Arma3beta/properties/local files... All OK Don't know what the*** is wrong...:confused: =Vu= Sniper