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  1. Hello, I've been playing ArmA II + OA for a while now, only Singleplayer with a little bit of Multiplayer but not that much. I've seen some videos on YouTube about squad gameplay and it seems to be very fun, so I would very much like to join any squad. I currently live on the East Coast of US, timezone being GMT -05. I can play almost any role, from Infantry to flying jets or driving any type of vehicle. I have controllers with joysticks which makes flying somewhat easier. I prefer piloting roles, but I won't mind any other type of role. Also I have a microphone, and speak English too, so communication won't be a problem. I have Teamspeak installed, which I have used multiple times in the past for other games, and I am available everyday almost any time the whole week. Will install any mods needed to play. Send me a PM, or contact me at my Steam: BigMeanRussian. I'll try to respond ASAP. Thank you.