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    Karma Modules

    Hi Karma, have been using your mod with no problems, but for today after a Arma 3 update, it now does this they now float in the air, hope you can fix the only mods running are Karma_Modules_v_1.4 & CBA_A3_1.00 beta5
  2. gazac

    ADF Uncut

    Great Mod keep up the great work, are we going to get Australian SAS
  3. Thanks zealot111, your scripts work great but it not what I need, I think Shuko maybe right with eventhandlers to enemies on server and then make server update the score with publicvariable (clients having pubvar eventhandlers). What I need it to do is keep a list of kills from each player [4 player coop] then show them all by hint on the screen like this all shown in there real names Ben kill count: 10 Ken kill count: 6 Bill kill count: 3 Gary kill count: 8 I have got this so far, it works in single play but I need it to work in 4 player Coop Killcount = 0; p1="gary"; // testing only fnc_showOpDeathCount = { hintsilent format ["%1 Kills Count: %2",p1,Killcount]; }; if isServer then { fnc_countOpDeaths = { Killcount = Killcount + 1; publicvariable "Killcount"; if !isDedicated then { call fnc_showOpDeathCount; }; }; { if (side _x == EAST) then { _x addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",fnc_countOpDeaths]; }; } foreach allUnits; } else { "Killcount" addPublicVariableEventHandler {call fnc_showOpDeathCount}; };
  4. Thanks for all your help with my mission, I have learnt a lot with your help. All your scripts work great, but did not do what I realty wanted, many thanks to KevsnoTrev for help this is what I ended up with, it maybe done better but it works just like I wanted. In my mission I have 6 towns that spawns OPFOR by EOS, and runs this scripts on each town as BLUFOR units enter the town. this covered the OPFOR area trigger called: trg1 axis 100x100 Activation: OPFOR once Condition: this On Act: another trigger to run the sctipt trigger called: axis 120x120 Activation: BLUFOR Repeatedly Condition: this On Act: nul = [] execVM "scripts\Enemies_left_1.sqf"; On Dea: hint "";EnemiesLeft=false; 'Enemies_left_1.sqf' EnemiesLeft=true; while {EnemiesLeft} do { _aliveInZone = {[trg1,_x] call bis_fnc_inTrigger && side _x == opfor && alive _x} count AllUnits; hint format["Enemies Left: %1", _aliveInZone]; if(_aliveInZone==0)exitWith {}; sleep 1; }; sleep 3; hint ""; I tried having all the code in one sqf but could not work it out, so did the scripts like Enemies_left_1.sqf,Enemies_left_2.sqf,Enemies_left_3.sqf ect, it works Again Many Thanks to all
  5. I'm after help to do a kill count for a 4 player co-op, it would show on screen playername 1: xx OPFOR kills playername 2: xx OPFOR kills playername 3: xx OPFOR kills playername 4: xx OPFOR kills then keep it on screen all the time updating it could this be done?
  6. KevsnoTrev, I have been playing around with this, but can't get it to show the hint count no matter what I do, can you help please.
  7. Thanks everone for the help, but sorry to could not get any of them to work Iceman77's looks great but also could not get it to work what I did with Iceman scipt added to init.sqf compile preProcessFile "e_counter.sqf"; made script called e_counter.sqf TAG_Enemy_Count = { While {Player In List trigger1} Do { HintSilent format ["Enemies left in this Area: %1",count List trigger1]; sleep 1; }; }; HintSilent ""; Made a Trigger with 3 OPFOR in its area Trigger name: trigger1 axis: 30x30 Activation: OPFOR Present Repeatedly Made a another Trigger axis: 35x35 Activation: BLUFOR Present Repeatedly Condition: This && Player In Thislist On Act: _handle = [] Spawn TAG_Enemy_Count Don't know what I did wrong as I can see what it does, But no go. it does not show any Hint tag on the screen Again thanks for all the help
  8. Hi all I'm trying to do a Enemies left in this Area, this is what I have done far If I use this trigger x axis 100x100 Activation: OPFOR repeatedly Condition: hint format ["Enemies left in this Area: %1",count thislist]; counter=false; On Act: It works, but it show 'Enemies left in this Area: xx' on the screen all the time, what I want is it to show when I enter a trigger area only. --------------- so I did this 'trigger 1' it check if enemiesLeft = true in Condition; then does the On Act: trigger 1 axis 100x100 Activation: OPFOR repeatedly Condition: enemiesLeft = true; On Act: hint format ["Enemies left in this Area: %1",count thislist]; counter=false; This is where I set enemiesLeft = true in On Act: trigger 2 axis 120x120 Activation: BLUFOR Present Condition: On Act: enemiesLeft = true; This just wont work, any help please
  9. Hi BangaBob Got your EOS working great, now I want to have a end when all the towns are green, this is what I have done make a trigger set TYPE to End#1 in Condition have this getMarkerColor ["mkr1" AND "mkr2" AND "mkr3" AND "mkr4" AND "mkr5"== "ColorGreen"]; but no go, can anyone help please Gary
  10. Günter Thanks for your work, I set the scripts as you said but when I die this comes up http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy13/gazac48/1_zpsa8aea902.png (649 kB) when I click ok I get this http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy13/gazac48/2_zps964d287f.png (695 kB) See there is no markers showing, if I pick from list I go there and the game playon The next time I die the error does not show, but still no markers shown in map Thanks Gary
  11. gazac


    Thanks Shuko It works great now, did not think to try that :mad: Funny that execvm "shk_taskmaster.sqf"; worked OK with a mission in Stratis that i did. Again many Thanks to you
  12. gazac


    Hi Shuko This is my init.sqf //MISSION START [[ ["Task5","Neochori","Take The Town of Neochori From the OPFOR"], ["Task4","Alikampos","Take The Town of Alikampos From the OPFOR"], ["Task3","Katalaki","Take The Town of Katalaki From the OPFOR"], ["Task2","Poliakko","Take The Town of Poliakko From the OPFOR"], ["Task1","Therisa","Take The Town of Therisa From the OPFOR"] ],[ ["Situation","We have Intel on 5 Towns on the lower end of Altis",WEST], ["Mission Briefing","Examine all of the highlighted areas of recent activity on your map (in red)",WEST], ["Credits","Made by: Gazac"] ]] execvm "shk_taskmaster.sqf"; Now the problem The Tasks work great & shows up in list, "Situation" & "Mission Briefing" does not show up in list "Credits" works & show up in list Now this only happen in the new Altis map, this same code works great with no problems in Stratis map Looks like they have changed something in the Altis map
  13. gazac


    Hi Shuko I have done 2 mission in Arma 3, with the last one I started using the modules it was a pain to do, but I did get the first 2 tasks to work, I am now using your program to do it, & have redone the modules work with this code. [[ ["Task1","Find the old abandoned base", "HQ said we have an <marker name=mkr1>old abandoned base</marker> South East, where we could find Weapons and Ammo, check it out", true,["markerTask1",getpos task1mkr]], ["Task2","Find the OPFOR boats", "After you get your supplys move to <marker name=mkr2>the old town at the cost</marker> and steal the boats from the OPFOR Units", true,["markerTask2",getpos task2mkr]] ], [ ["Note1","Hello West",WEST], ["Note2","Hello East",WEST], ["Credits","Made by: Gazac"] ]] execvm "shk_taskmaster.sqf"; ---------- Sorry 1st time here don't know how the use the editor for code! it does work great, but I have a problem, the 2 tasks are showing in the map tasks, when I used the modules I could have only the 1st task shown & when it was completed the 2nd task show up how do I do this with your s/program, also I'm at a lost with doing markers in the code, & do I need to place them on the map? Thank you Gazac from Australia