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    Italian Localization

    I don't think he meant this. We know well how there are problems (in politic and economy) which can make someone (italian or not) think that we're a loser country. Anyway I don't agree with him: we don't need to be one of the most powerful state in Europe to have a localization until there will be users that know how translate from english to italian :)
  2. LordSergeij

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hi, I'm Steven and I'm an Italian guy (not exactly pizza, spaghetti and Berlusconi :P ) Anyway the love with Arma saga started with the first chapter and goes on still now :D
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering if there is an italian localization project. It could be interesting because many (not all of them :P) of my countryman are not keen on english and so it could be a way to make easier for them to approach the game. Just in case, I would be glad to help since I am an Italian native speaker and I know english very well :) Thanks for the attention (and I hope not to have posted in the wrong section)
  4. LordSergeij

    Localized versions

    Wrong section, sorry :icon_rolleyes: