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  1. Any ETA on when this script will be back up?
  2. Any ETA on when this script will be back up?
  3. I'm really new at mission editing, but I've got the basics down. I'm running the dev build right now, and I have no idea how to make flag points. I want to make 3 flag points (1 for Bluefor, Op4, and Independent). I know nothing about even triggers, or even where to find the flags themselves. Can anyone provide insight?
  4. Thanks for the information! I will definitely check them out. It's good to see that there are a few TvT teams around.
  5. KingsAces.com Who are we? KingsAces is a new TvT (team vs. team) group, founded with the desire to revive the competitive game-types that were quite common back in OFP days (CTF, TDM, CTI, etc). While COOP is really fun, we feel that the true heart of the game exists within a competitive structured environment. While there aren't many TvT type servers or maps out there at the moment, we hope to revive the experience by recruiting talented map makers, and scripters. Both who can help us create custom maps that can be used as the standard for competitive gaming in Arma 3. We are extremely interested in map makers who would be able to design and construct custom TvT maps: (intros, music, etc). What we do: KingsAces is currently in it's infancy stages, where we are seeking the interest of players who wish to help us mold a TvT system for the community: custom CTF maps, leader boards, and other resources that will help us revive this dying game experience. While COOP is fun, and while we do play it on the side - our main goal is TvT competitive game modes. Who are we looking for? Currently, we are a new team, and we can't make our ideas come to light without help from members. This is why one of our main requirements for membership in our team is that you, the member, possess a certain skill that you can bring to the table (a skill outside of the game). Currently we have 1 web designer, 2 ex military 11B (infantry) team leaders, and one social media guru. In order to help KingsAces grow, and become a staple in the Arma 3 competitive community, we require that you fill one specific job for the team. Whether it be: map making, modding, sound engineering, video production, social media, web development, web design, etc.... we want to make sure that each member can bring something beneficial to the table. We have purchased Teamspeak servers and a dedicated Arma 3 server, and will supply that private information to you, if your application for membership is approved. The main focus has been on creating a dynamic website that can offer a structured environment for our members. Currently our website includes a fully functional profile system, event booking software, and user forum. The main website serves as a blog, a booking area, and a community for the team. Structure is key to a teams success, and we want all input and ideas from our members. As a KingsAce, you are part of a dedicated and loyal brotherhood. You aren't just some member for sake of increasing player count. You bring something special to the table. You stand out, and you are heard. We are seeking mature members, who are 18 years or older, who speak English, and who are enthusiastic about competitive style game-play. We are interested in highly motivated individuals who can participate on a daily/weekly basis in map making (submitting to Steam Workshop), as well as forum moderation, recruiting, video production, match-making, and training. What kind of people are in the team? Right now, we have 3 members, 2 of which served in the US Army, and started playing Operation Flashpoint back in high-school. The 3rd member is a video production assistant who will be helping us creating user-submitted videos. If you're a video editor, or a graphic designer, please let us know. We have many roles to fill. How is KingsAces organized? Currently, we have two squads (Alpha/Bravo) which are each led by two 11B veterans of the US Military. Within each squad, there are two teams (2 squads of 8 players, broken down into 2 teams of 4 each). Once we hit the 16 player mark, we will expand into other squads and promote squad-leaders and team-leaders from the former. Our main goal is not to replicate milsim structure, but instead we are aiming to be a competitive team, so ranks don't have as important a piece to play as skill does. What are the requirements to join KingsAces? 1. Don’t be disrespectful 2. No team-jumping (loyal to KA) 3. Keep banter off net 4. Keep team secrets, secrets 5. Attend matches if scheduled 6. Attend mandatory training 7. Stay on objective 8. No recruiting unless you’re a team leader 9. You must keep one job (recruiting, blogging, video production, map making, sound engineering, etc). How to join? The first step in applying to KingsAces is to fill out our membership application form. Once submitted, if approved, we will schedule an interview with you over chat/voice. Both squad leaders will consult regarding your application, and if you are approved, we will contact you the same day. We want to stress that we are seeking highly motivated individuals who can take charge without having to be asked, or babysat. This is a serious venture, and if you can bring something special to the team, then you do have a place with us.
  6. I'm wondering if there's a way to add team arm patches to the player models, like unit patches on military uniforms. I'd love to be able to add our team logo to the upper arm of a uniform.