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  1. Its so odd. It dont seam to work for me since the update.
  2. Does the description.ext still work for declaring function libraries?
  3. f.lundin

    You can't select some Dialog

    Yes i have the same problem. It reverts back to "All addons (including unofficial ones)". I use this to work around this setVariable["addons",0];
  4. Hello. Im looking for the possibility to check where an item will go in the inventory ( will it be a muzzle attachment, will it take the slot of NVGs, will it take the map slot and so on).
  5. this works better for what i want to use it for. Thank you for your help, do you know why it may not been working the way i did it? Thank you. Ill remeber this solution aswell.
  6. Do anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Greetings, I am throwing myself into the jungle of GUI. I am stuck. I googled and followed as many of you script creators suggestions examples and so on but I have no luck. I am still facing the same problem. I can not get data from a script into a RscCombo. I will share the whole mission file. it only contains data relevant for this issue, I see no need to copy and paste the code from all files into the thread unless requested. This is the mission on my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h5q1lxo2yhnaux1/OSmI5FEiFX. I apprechiate any help I can get on this subject.
  8. will there be alternative headgear than helments for the US faction?
  9. I dont know if he dont read his PMs :/ I been sending PMs aswell
  10. why is this not allready built into arma 3, how can BI call arma a simulator without this type of sound immersion
  11. f.lundin

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    im seaming to experience somewhat the same problem
  12. I could help. I could proably get a few to help you as i am a part of a unit that is using your mod. and there is not a problem in vas, you just need to config vas.
  13. Thank you very much for information. im downloading allConfig.txt for future usage.