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  1. Appreciate the reply. I hadn't yet checked the nvidia control panel setting - I will check it this evening and let you know if it works.
  2. So, recently bought CCGM and enjoying the Campaign. Running through Steam, NVidia 670GTX,all drivers up to date. I'm enjoying the game a lot, even if the Walrus pathfinding is still a little suspect, but hey, ho. Graphically I am having two main issues: 1) Graphics corrupt when voices are playing. Whenever any of the voice tracks are playing (ie characters are speaking) the graphics "flicker", it tends to be "shards", ie triangles, that spiral out from a central point on the screen. The voices stop, the graphics are fine. Additionally, again when the voices are playing, you can also see the "insides" of the character mannequins when they are in the little windows in the top left of the screen, for example you can see their eyeballs as separate objects within their heads. Not a game breaker, but not much fun either. 2) The flags. Is there any way of turning the flags off, or patching them out of the game entirely? The flags (the vertical ones at the bases much like the Total War Shogun ones) constantly flicker when on screen as if they are trying to render some sort of "flapping in the wind" movement. All that actually happens is they flicker between one position and another. Worse (much worse) they render horizontally across the whole screen *even if they are out of sight to the left or right*. Is there any way of turning them off? Any suggestions welcome.