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    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    My group of Arma buddies all experience this every night. We have vastly divergent PC specs, from barely meets required system specs to Hex Core, 32gb RAM with GTX Titan GPUs. The 3FPS bug will pop up at the 2 hour mark when we are playing on Altis or Stratis and at the 1 hour mark when we are playing on Tanoa. We are playing A3Wasteland mission file on A3Armory's servers 99% of the time. It does however happen when the same frequencies when playing KoTH or Breaking Point. Its possible to clear the issue temporarily by alt tabbing or looking down at the ground, but once it has happened once it will happen again and always at the worst possible time. So when we are able to clear the issue we take that opportunity to log out and back in. If you leave the game running too long after the first occurrence the game will crash (usually within 20 or 30 min) with a memory error. Personally when getting close to the 1 or 2 hour mark, depending on the map, I will see the bug manifest when I scope or zoom in. Although it can manifest initially from other actions like entering or leaving a vehicle or spinning your view around "too fast".
  2. Why do 1pp players insist they are the "real Arma players" and insist everyone cater to them? I never see 3pp players deriding 1pp players or demanding that 1pp be disabled. But I see the reverse on these forums ALL THE TIME. If you like 1pp, great. Just be aware, you are in the minority. If you weren't there would be as many 1pp servers are there are 3pp. My advice, sincere and without sarcasm, is that the 1pp community should consolidate, not expand. One, or even 100, more server(s) is not the answer. Because you will have 100 servers with between 0 and 3 people on them. CONSOLIDATE. Less 1pp servers means more 1pp players per server. 2 or 3 per mission, per region should be plenty to handle this limited segment of the community.
  3. My take is this, the new fatigue system is a solution in search of a problem. There was nothing wrong, why waste time on an unneeded "fix". With all the broken, stupid, infuriating shit that we deal with in ARMA, THIS was what they decided to spend development hours on? How about fixing the stupid animation system so I can stop healing/repairing/reloading to deal with a threat. How about fixing the stupid animation system so when I die with an empty launcher I don't stand up, switch weapons, reload and switch back before I can move, shoot, go prone, or run away? How about fixing the stupid random "invisible fire/damage monster" that reaches up and kills you randomly if you move through a wreaked building. How about adding a meaningful wound/medical system? All that little rant being said, any change like this needs to be OPTIONAL (like the realistic flight model), a simple "yes/no" check box for the server owner/admin to check or not so their server can be "THEIR" server.
  4. quadrono

    New A3 Wasteland with RHS mod

    Gonna tell my buddies in [TACX} about this. Is this running on Altis? We have had many discussions about A3Wasteland on Altis with RHS weapons, sounds fun! One question, are the Vanilla Arma 3 weapons still present, or is it JUST the RHS guns? Our experience on TOPARMA and SaMatra is that if the Cyrus and Navid are available there is no point in using the RHS guns because the Marksman DLC guns are way more damaging and accurate. Just a thought, still gonna check your server out.
  5. quadrono

    Talk to me about ArmA 3 Multiplayer

    A3 Coop is for two kinds of people. 1) People who cannot compete with real opponents. 2) Walter Mitty Military Wannabes who wanna RP being in a military unit because they lack the balls or age to do it for real. PVP (A3Wasteland, Breaking Point, Epoch, King of the Hill) is where Arma Multiplayer will head and excel going forward.
  6. Better filters would prevent all 20 members of the "mil-sim" community from cluttering up these forums with pointless posts of impotent rage that an order of magnitude more people like Life, Wasteland and other "Not Real ARMA" missions/game modes. There are a TON of new Arma players, they are just playing Life or Wasteland. You can't make people play what they don't want to play. And making them leave if they don't like what you like isn't an option either. The issue with a lack of Mil-Sim players is not caused by Life servers, it's caused by Mil-Sim. Playing against AI is dull and only exists to give those who cannot compete against other humans something to do.
  7. Mil-sim as the "real" Arma is a thing of the past.
  8. quadrono

    life/rpg mods welcome in arma 3 ?

    Mil-sim is the past of Arma. PVP and RPG modes are the future. There are 100 Wasteland or Life players of every Milsimmer, BIS is not gonna ignore that market/money.
  9. quadrono

    Arma3 MMO

    Milsim CoOp as the predominant gameplay mode for the Arma Series ended with Arma 2. More to the point it ended with DayZ. DayZ brought more people into the Arma series than anything before it, and it has forever changed the focus of the game (sandbox vs Sim). There is no going back, because to do so would cost BIS millions of dollars in sales in the long term. MilSim will always be part of Arma, but it has to learn that it is no longer the focus or majority of the playerbase. You are a niche market and Arma is no longer a niche market product.
  10. quadrono

    life/rpg mods welcome in arma 3 ?

    Arma 3 is.very flexible. Let people play what they want and stop worrying.about it. I dont play Life or Co-op Milsim, I play Wasteland. Life servers bore me, Milsim coop bores me. I like playing against live opponents in a huge open world combat (note I said combat, not military) environment. A3Wasteland fits that to a T, plus.it.adds gear/advancement persistence. Same with King of.the Hill. There is room for all here, there is no "right" way to play.
  11. quadrono

    Roadside Bombings and how to survive.

    Ever notice that 3rd person players never tell 1st person players they are wrong for playing that way? Funny.
  12. Figured out the problem!!! At some point in the past either I or some software had turned off my Page file in Windows. When I found this and turned the Page File back on, pauses in Arma 3 stopped and have not recurred in two nights of testing/playing.
  13. I may be blind, it's entirely possible. But I have seen Panzerfaust crates in youtube vids of IFA3, I just cannot find them in the editor, are they under BLUEFOR>>Wehrmacht or Empty>>?? . So lost. Also I cannot get an empty tank to spawn that is playable. I can spawn one for the appropriate side, but it will be full of AI tank crew and I cannot use it, if I spawn it from "EMPTY" I cannot enter it either. Works fine for vanilla A3 assets, is this an Arma 2 holdover? Its been a long time since I messed around in the A2 editor. Thanks! Q
  14. .kyu, You were partially correct, I f'd up the folder name in the conversion tool (put "Arma3" instead of "Arma 3") so I had an Arma3 folder with the IF and DLC folders and nothing else. I moved them and the patch is applying now, cannot wait to try it out tonight. Thanks for the help and all the hard work!!! Q
  15. I have IF and A3 installed and run as administrator once. I followed the manual install instructions from the mod website. The conversion tool said it completed and no errors showed up at anytime in that process. However when I ran the 1.05 to 1.12 community patch for it immediately tells me some PBO in the @IF folder is missing. I checked and while the @IF folder does exist in the Arma3 folder it is empty, zero files. Any ideas?