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    Localized versions

    Hi guys, I'm from Spain and I will be glad if I can contribute with the Spanish translation, I have an account in Crowdin with the same nick. Do I need anything else to help?
  2. wonki

    News on updates

    Thank you! Trying last version now
  3. wonki

    News on updates

    Where can I download the dev builds?
  4. I completely agree with you, but I read that auto-pilot routes are being implemented, so we have to wait...
  5. I played for 10 hours and I think now I can tell you what I think are the most important things to be checked. -Tutorials You should synchronize the text with the voice, it doesn't match. -Improvement of the descent. I know you're working on making it manual, but you should improve the fire that throws the thrusters. -Descriptions of missions. People had to know why they're exploring Mars, if you improve the descriptions of the missions and why are they taking photos or analyzing rocks. -APSX You should improve how it works because I have to approach the rocks from different sides to finally make it works. You can add the tutorial too