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  1. YutaniDesigns

    3D Max 2010 and ArmA3 Terrain

    yes It is expensive but if you world model I feel it is well worth the money and you will need to pay as it is linked to your PC and OS Cost $199 Yes many thanks I am looking at the Process of ArmA3 and map making so I am new to the game engine and what it requires once I have the concept grasped I am looking forward to making some Terrains for the Community
  2. YutaniDesigns

    ZGM Mapmaking Tutorial

    Many thanks Foxhound this is like the Bible of Terrain
  3. YutaniDesigns

    3D Max 2010 and ArmA3 Terrain

    OK Some really great replies @Patrick It is a 3D Max Plugin that uses Google earth pro you can grab any part of the world with it I normally use it to Map Race circuits for a game called rFactor2 @Pufu the plugin exports into 3 formats Terragen(*.ter) or VTerrain (*.bt) or Unity(*.utr) @James2464 Many thanks for your link I will give it a dam good read.
  4. Hi All I am new to modelling terrain in to any of the ArmA games so I am not to sure where to go and what to do or even if my software can export to this engine. Here is where I am at Above I have the Korangal Valley Afghanistan and surrounding area Is it now possible to export this in the ArmA3 and if so where can I go read about it rather than Double Posting. I hope and look forward to your replies many thanks for your time YD
  5. Again a fantastic post many thanks
  6. Great Work I found your tutorials such a help for arma2. and Now I know a lot more about 3d max and dem,I cant wait to get stuck in as soon as I get my current projects finished or I will never get anything done Massive respect for taking the time to post this information I found the link to part1 Dead but I found it here ZGM ARMA 2 Map Making Tutorial PART 1.pdf