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    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    There have been some problems in the game recently that really undermines the gameplay balance. (1)Independent is too OP now. The ratio of the factions used to be like 15:15:30, which is quite acceptable. But now its normally 10:10:40. Many would argue: Indi kills each other, thus making themselves less effective as a team. This statement used to be true that when Wasteland first came out, people who dont appreciate teamwork goes to Indi. But now after dealing with all the teamkilling/stealing shit most Indi players are from Blufor/Opfor and they play with their friends as a group and work really closely. On the other side, people who wants to be a lone wolf but doesnt want to deal with teamkilling and only want a certain degree of corporation would stay in Blufor/Opfor, so Blufor/Opfor really cant gain control of the map at all, they cant even hold a gun store long enough most of the time. It would be better to make it only Blufor VS Indi (2)Some missions are too riskless yet awarding. Supply crate only spawns in certain locations, so often they are people camping those spots and the moment it spawns, it is collected leaving others no time to even figure out where the event happened. Heli/APC missions are too simple, one poorly equipped person can easily kill the few AIs and then start murdering everybody on the map. Pls increase the AIs guarding them, say at least 12 well-equipped AIs, and the vehicle must be located in an exposed position so that whoever making the repairing/refilling can be shot from a long distance.
  2. Yashamalu

    Auto-muting system.

    So I play Wasteland and there are always trolls occupying global channel to spam trash, simply insert an auto-muting system based on how often a user is muted by other players will prevent this.
  3. Yashamalu

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hey Sa-Matra, thx for the continuous updates! While I do appreciate the new Vehicle Salvage feature that helps me to get funded, recently there is an increasing trend in people blowing up all the vehicles in the town leaving other people no vehicle to use. Hell last time I was fully geared up trying to but some stuff from gun store, than a scumbag called Warlock insisted on blowing up all the vehicles right next to the gun stores as if he own the gun store, killing me in the process. A simple way to achieve the same effect would be to replace all the sub-machine guns with rifles and anything else that is better, saving money while helping players to get funds quicker. Also I just dont see the point that sometimes gun store sell crappy stuff like SMG or mag carrier with no armor value, not like anyone would bother to buy it though. Anyway, pls keep up the good work!
  4. Yashamalu

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hey Sa-Matra could you implement some sort of teamkilling-proof mech? Say if a guy took the stuff you just bought you should have the right to kill him without punishment, or someone shot you for no reason you should also be able to retaliate. Last game got a guy teamkilled me when I just respawned, so I killed him after that. Than he just kept harassing me, shooting but not killing me so that he can provoke me, but I continue to ignore him. However he later ran into my vehicle from the front even if I was reversing, and that resulted in me being kicked to Indi, its totally not fair. ---------- Post added at 22:26 ---------- Previous post was at 22:24 ---------- Also recently its getting a little too hardcored, mostly you can only find sub-machine gun from vehicles. Could you replace them with at least 5.56 rifles? Thx!
  5. Yashamalu

    Name and chat not showing

    OK the problem is solved, but in a rather strange way. I played another server and chats/kill notification are showing, and when I entered the old server I used to play and have problems the chats/kill notification are there again. Of course that could also be that I created a new character. No idea... Anyway, thx for the help guys.
  6. Yashamalu

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    My personal experience in "Hardcore" Wasteland, you shoot someone wearing only a T-shirt with non-silencer MXM 50ms twice and hes still running.
  7. What makes this game "realistic" is the realistic(?) recoil, stamina management, sandbox shooting, realistic(?) damage, bullet drop/speed, etc. Not whether you should be able to drag your gun to the direction you want. I dont know how pro you are, but I've seen a lot of embarrassing moments playing Wasteland that people just cannot hit targets right in front of them.
  8. Right now the ARMA3 aiming mech totally sucks in my opinion, it simulates "real-life" gun handling by messing up the aiming control, making you unable to quick aim and shoot. So if someone is moving left and right just 10ms in front of you, you will pathetically miss a lot of shots even firing automatically because your aiming cannot catch up with his movement. This combined with multiplayer lag really makes aiming unnecessarily difficult. So basically what happens is that if two men meets within 30ms, they will just keep zig-zagging rather than going crouching and shoot. Seriously I play airsoft and even with airsoft bullet I can hit enemies dashing in front of me easily. At that distance I can throw a rock and hit. Plus in real life you dont aim with a mouse. This mech is utterly stupid and should be removed or at least give server an option to turn it off.
  9. Yashamalu

    Name and chat not showing

    I dont think it is server side, cause no one else on that server had the problem.
  10. Yashamalu

    Name and chat not showing

    I've been playing Wasteland for a while and recently all the in-game text chat and killing notification are not showing, so I dont know whats going on in the map, whether I killed someone or not, and worst of all, no way to avoid team killers. Anyone coming across such issue?
  11. So if I put more items, say flashlight and optic onto a gun, would I get better recoil control? How about 100-round mag against 30-round mag on MX SW?
  12. Yashamalu

    So how good is MXSW?

    Nothing, just curious.
  13. Yashamalu

    So how good is MXSW?

    Did you cope the entire reply from somewhere else?
  14. Yashamalu

    Mouse non-linearity?

    Sometimes I'm having problem aiming quickly and precisely using iron sight aiming, and I've never had such problem with BF3 or MOH and any other games. It could be caused by mouse movement non-linearity since the game simulates real movement of human body. However this attempt is nothing but annoying because you're not using mouse to aim in real life anyway, so please allow players to disable such feature. PS: I play airsoft a lot and never had such aiming problem.
  15. Yashamalu

    So how good is MXSW?

    With that RoF, 100 bullets means nothing. Anyone sane person would not just stay in the open keep shooting that crap until empty. You want something like Zifir .