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  1. polishmonster

    WIP importing of PedagneMOD in ARMA 3

    Got a question, any plans with those MDF's in eurofighter ? they look significantly different then in other mods/ports and I'm wondering did you add any functionality to them. Overall great work and can't wait to fly with it.
  2. polishmonster

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Grate mod guys, found some bugs for you -F22 has an amazing sound, but I think its not synced with throttle, when you taxi it sounds like going super cruise. Also when you turn off the engine the sound is still playing. -F22 weapons do not have sounds -AWACS has no sounds and can't take off Other then that fabulous work. I'm wondering what are you planing to do with E3 AWACS, people been asking for it for ages since Arma 2 times. I wonder if there is some actual system you can implement so crew will actually sit on the back and have a screen in front and that would show all vehicles in the area. Definitely looking forward to next update. Thanks again guys, awesome mod.
  3. Squad name:- United Nations Squad [uNS] Timezone/location :UTC/GMT +1 hour Gamemode preference- CO-OP Contact email: unitednationssquad@gmail.com Website address:http: //unitednationssquad.wix.com/united-nations-squad Short description: UNS is an international realism unit. We have people from all over the world, and we are looking for more active players doesn't matter if your PRO or new to Arma series, our great training staff will help you achieve everything that you need to be a good ArmA soldier. Our clan was setup only 4months ago and we are still working on to get better and to build our community with your help. So if you like to build something with other people UNS is also for you. We will Also suppoer Arma 3 missions. Language:English
  4. polishmonster

    Graphics engine improvement

    Better FPS in buildings would be something great!