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  1. catatonicChimp

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Hey BlazenChamber Just updated to 1.7, looks like the pathing for the SMA logo paa file is hardcoded to look for "@SMA v1.7\...." as I removed the version number from the mod folder when I add it our a3sync repo (it now reads as @SMA) and I now get an error on arma start "Picture @SMA v1.7\smalllogo11122.paa not found" Cheers C.
  2. I've seen some txt boxes pop up when testing with verify signatures, but its frustrating that I have to look in two/three different places to debug why someone is getting kicked... (client, server console + server logs) We use Arma3Sync for keeping our mods up to date and create modsets. But when half your clan only turns up 1 or 2 nights a week, and fails to check forums posts about updates, it can be very frustrating. Add to that people who don't have much technical ability, they are the hardest to support because you have to guide them through every debug step and you never know if they've done it right or not, just getting them to send the RPT log can be a nightmare sometimes.
  3. Hi I am contemplating turning verify signatures back on for my clan server as I'm finding a few too many people using unauthorised mods that fill up error logs and break some gameplay elements etc. However I can see many problems coming out of this, as my fellow clanmates can have issues even at the best of times finding and understanding what the RPT log says without a lot of hand holding. Is there any methods out for reporting to them via the chat interface about why they can't connected, so just before they get kicked they would get a message like. e.g. "Missing addon: @blah" or "Unverified Mod: @blah2" that way I we don't waste an hour trying to get them to send us an RPT file.. Cheers C.
  4. catatonicChimp

    Animated Walk Cycles

    Are there any documentation/tutorials on making new walk cycles form Arma3, is it even possible?
  5. catatonicChimp

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Feature Request: Hi Nkey I apologize if this has already been mentioned, but I had a quick search and found nothing.. Is there any plans for a mobile/cellphone features? I love the radios, but there are certain times when playing as a rebel militia or certain RPG game modes that would be better suited/more fun to play with mobile type communications.
  6. Hi Shepard... Is there a method for setting the new build options using the CLI tools for those of us who don't have desktop interfaces on our servers? Cheers C.
  7. When I started writing this post, I just wanted to see if there was some form of web interface for server management, but just in case there is a better alternative solution I will present my problem in its entirety. We currently run a clan server on a shared windows box, about 3-4 people in our clan have remote access to that server, and they, including myself are in charge of managing missions/mods and server settings etc. However we run busy lives and we get a lot of requests for uploading new missions throughout the week and changing the launch parameters to enable/disable specific mods. It gets a bit tedious, so we would like to give the other clan members a modicum of control regarding which mods the server loads and the ability to upload new maps without having to give them access to the remote desktop, partly from a security aspect we don't want everyone to have access and b, some of them are not very IT literate. I know vilayer has a rather good web interface, but I assume they built that themselves and haven't release it for public use, I did find the following in my forum search, but it doesn't look like its been touched in a number of years... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?71477-ArmA-Server-Manager-(Web-Service-Based) Any suggestions?
  8. This is awesome, but my build box is linux :( Any idea if this would work through wine? or if there is a linux version of the pbo tools? I'll give it a try sometime this week unless anyone pops up and says it definitely won't work...
  9. Hi Shepard Is there some extra command flags that I can set, so that arma3sync can run as a cron job. I want it to check if repo X is out of date, and if so rebuild then exit? Cheers C.
  10. Looks ugly as hell in this paint over, but something sort of like this. http://i.imgur.com/kAR8Shy.jpg (139 kB) Edit: Just looking at the image again, there is probably also cause for a dependency feature, so mod A will alert that mod B has to be activated to work etc.. especially useful for something like xMedSys.
  11. Hi Major_Shepard We are running into a couple of issues now that we have a large section of our clan running a3sync. Testing mods becomes a little bit of an issue, some mods work fine, others work only in single player etc, so we are trying to implement a pipeline that allows us to test them prior to using them in missions, what we want to avoid is other members who are less technical, downloading mods that will just take up space when we decide that its not suitable. I have been making spreadsheets with data about what we approved as working, versions, etc, but as its not right there in a3sync they seem to ignore it. Also from a repo manager perspective, I have to manually check files to see if I need to be updated. But having a few extra attributes would be helpful in dealing with the large amount of mods that are been churned out by the arma3 community at the moment. If possible we would like to see is: Another column with the mods status, (Testing, Approved, Deprecated), and a colour code in that column to match e.g. (YELLOW, GREEN, RED). An overlay that pops up when you hover your mouse over the mod, that will tell us the: Mod Name, Brief Description, Mod Version, UploadDate The idea in my head would be that there would be a config file for each mod, either in the mod folder itself or in a repo folder, and that data would be manually input by the user. Cheers Catatonic
  12. catatonicChimp

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Check http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ under information To force vehicle side: _vehicle setVariable ["tf_side", _value, true]. Possible values: "west", "east", `"guer". e.g. (if putting in the vehicle init) this setVariable ["tf_side", west, true]; (not sure if you need "" around the side value)
  13. Don't think I was using console mode, I was just using the standard exe file in the extracted directory, and it was located just on the server desktop.. I will give the latest version a try after work and let you know how it goes. Cheers C.
  14. Its a shared server managed by the community, we don't have access to administrator rights, finding a solution that doesn't require admin rights would be appreciated . I am going to follow sebj example and downgrade to the previous version. It worked fine in the previous version, it doesn't work in latest... and all I did was press yes on the update
  15. I am getting the same issue as sebj on my clans arma server (windows server).. 1.2.8 worked fine without admin password... 1.2.9 comes up with the same dialog box as sebj