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  1. Hi, I made a warlords server but we have problem. We play on the server all the morning without problems. But sometimes, everyone get FPS drop at the same time (50FPS to 17FPS.) I am hosting with Arma 3 serverx64 Is there someting else i can use to host without problem ? Or is there any reason to lost FPS like that ?
  2. bombe


    Thank you, We found another solution and it work well too Wanna try the server ?
  3. Hello, My friend and me made a mission on Altis east. We tried to egalised all team. Both team got airfield. Prices of vehicle are increased to force player to be on foot. All vehicles are in game and there is no TP. That to force roleplay. Join us to victory ! Server ip :
  4. bombe

    Arma 3 Warlord Altis East

    Hi, I have a great news ! We made a database for your CPs
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    Hi, Me and my friend wants to make a mission with saved CP. But we hurt some problems. We used player setVariable ["BIS_WL_funds", 10000, TRUE]; . But that give money to all players.... We used trigger to save-load in mission. Have you got some help to give us please ? Edit : We found the problem
  6. Hi, After made my warlords server, i try to make a database to save CP only. But ... I tried to used inidbi2 and i failled hard. I want an automatic save each X minutes but i dont find and understand how. I followed this guide as well, it worked but not my need at all : can you help me to make this database please ?
  7. I have to save _curFunds i think
  8. Hi, i've got a problem, my mission is nearly finished but i have a huge problem. I putted some squad on the map but they dont attack at all and they dont move. I can go front of them and shoot in the head. Halp pleas
  9. Working with trigger is not linked with sector. I want them to spawn only when sector is attacked to avoid overload server
  10. There : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_MP_Warlords But its writed for vehicle, not for infantries. But for me there are no enough AI on zones ...
  11. Still need help. I still dont know why they wont move or attack. Only syncronize vehicles are moving and attacking.
  12. I tried everything... they are independants units spawning onto independant sector. I syncronized them with sector, i used "Move to" but they dont move. I activated AIs on global map, nothing changed. I syncronized them with intervention points but dont spawn at all. The only working enemies, is spawned enemies by zone ... The only thing is working is that they are spawning lel...
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    hi, i made a mission today but i have problem. I but manually some AI infantry but they wont move. Why ?
  14. Hi, I want to make a server with personnalised map and i try to make independant VS bluefor. But i tried everything that writed on "https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_MP_Warlords" and it doesnt work at all. The vehicle work well, but nothing more. When i play as independant, i dont have warlord protocole. Then , when i put OPFOR as indep, there are no enemies who spawned. Help please. Does independant cannot be played at all ?
  15. So that mean that's more difficult than it seem. I think we can modify enemy spawned in town directly with adding side, and that would work. But i think that wont work well if the native side apply.. Maybe the creator of that mod can help us to modify this. I haven't all the mission script to understand how to modify this
  16. so , is there something to put independent with OPFOR skins and OPFOR with Independents skin ?
  17. Hi, i have a question, how to change the camera display ? Because i cant change camera, its only on the driver cam. I want to have the gunner on my screen I have this screen with "tab x 2" (As you can see, there is a bug where you see in day but we are at night ...) Thank for future awnser
  18. bombe

    Drone camera display

    Thank you ! Hope you're right
  19. bombe

    Drone camera display

    Oh that bad... This thing is funny, and not many pple use it. So that can give you an advantage. As on my server HC, you cannot use termale. Only VIS mod. thank you for awnser !
  20. bombe

    Drone camera display

    If i understood I go in the darter turret, i CTRLG+right clic then, it (should?) switch me into pilot Then, i have to leave the drone, and will change my camera display ? If it that, it doesnt work :( Oh , and i forgot, this is HC server
  21. bombe

    Drone camera display

    Doesnt work on the server :( Anyway thank you ! Or it doesnt work on the darter
  22. bombe

    Drone camera display

    thank you that mean I cant change if its not scripted on the server ?
  23. Hi, i want to show you one thing that i have screenshooted As you can see, its not centred ! Its a little bug, dont impact on the gameplay, but its not physical beautiful Cordially
  24. bombe

    Drone camera

    Please, delete it ... Wrong place for this topic