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  1. Clutter will not show once packed. I am using the same format on my files as i did with previous terrains but nothing seems to work. Right now im using the same clutter and surface settings for all surfaces as im waiting to fix this before moving to select more clutter and textures. cfgclutter cfgsurfaces config Layer.cfg
  2. One of the biggest problems i have in XCAM right now is when using the brush tools it will sometimes start to slowdown when i select a brush. this lag stays even when i exit the tool. meaning that my only option to fix it is to exit to editor and completely restart. i believe that the issues lies in the xcam_show_multi.sqf file. I occasionally get and error when using the brush tool pointing to line 229 (image below). Is anybody else getting this issue? it is very aggravating as i can only place about 500-1000 object before this happens. and i cannot save while it is lagging or it will corrupt the save. Any way we can get a fix for this? I can lend a hand debugging if needed. PS. I know that silola is no longer as active in the development in this but if we could get an autosave feature every X minutes or X objects that would be massive. Keep up the great work guys.
  3. To use Apex objects in Xcam you just need to reload your object library and then they will show in the standard structures library and all. This doesn't allow you to see things like vegetation.
  4. Updated the forest and it turned out really nice. Im using Tanoa trees and some bushes. I tried around with making the forest grass placed as objects similar to what is done on Shwemlitz but i could not achieve the look or performance I desired. Will be in the next update hopefully before the end of the month.
  5. Thanks. Because of the generated nature of the terrain i had to keep things pretty simple. Harvested wheat field and grown wheat field.
  6. Still working on this. Have a massive update coming that will nearly double the size of the current area. Here's a progress pic with new wheat fields. New wheat Fields
  7. Aphex26

    [WIP] Al-Haddar Terrain

    Sorry, yes i still plan on finishing this. It has been put on hold though until RSO finishes their building pack. In the mean time i'm working on CEEST.
  8. Update 3 Pretty big update -Added ~8 sq KM to the SW. Tis is a bit more open terrain for combined/vehicular warfare. --Includes two towns and 4 rural homes/farms -Reworked forest grass. Progress Pic Pic One Pic Two Pic Three Pic Four Updated OP
  9. C.E.E.S.T Continually Expanding European Style Terrain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download Progress so far Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7 Pic 8 Pic 9 What is it? CEEST is a non specific European terrain that will grow with time. I will keep on expanding the size of the playable area with updates at least once a month. The terrain is not particular to one region of Europe, allowing mission makers to craft their mission to what ever region they would like. The initial playable area is a little over 9km^2. i intend to add about 1 square KM per month and keep on improving my workflow and my own assets as i go on. I did this because it is the way that i work best. For now the map leans heavily on previously created content but i plan on introducing some of my own content over time. Particularly trees in the forest. What is required? - Apex expansion - Open Chernarus Project - PLP urban barriers - PLP Containers - CUP - MBG Buildings Notes -Playable area is in the NW of map. -I do not intend to finish the entire 40x40 area, thats only to give me room to expand where i want to. -Playable area is marked by a rock wall surrounding it. Can be seen on map. -Wheat fields are noticed by darker fields on map. If you zoom in you can see green dot pattern in the field to indicate it is tall wheat. Light/white colored fields are hay bales. Suggestions are always welcome. Just PM me.
  10. I love the tool but have it can get really annoying places fences in the current release version as its just copy and paste over and over again. Is there any way you could release your wall builder prototype? I've looked at your video about the topic and it seems to function perfectly for 95% of uses. Im not sure if you are still active on X-cam development but just releasing what you have would be wonderful!
  11. Im trying to create a pretty basic wheat grass model for my upcoming map. Im super new to modeling, i only really know about map building so sorry for my ignorance. My question is how do i flip my model, or just the texture on it? And how do i resize it? Currently my model is way too large and is upside down from importing. My model is just a bunch of double sided planes Thank you
  12. Aphex26

    [WIP] Al-Haddar Terrain

    Some images of what ive been working on lately. Almost done with concepting. Ive reworked the grass clutter to be denser and similar to diyala's grass clutter that i really like. FPS doesnt drop below 40 on my machine. My machine drops below 25 on some other maps so the performance is still really good. Album
  13. Aphex26

    [WIP] Al-Haddar Terrain

    Week 6 Completion Update Completion Chart I've been gone for a bit with work and stuff. Had a bit of a realization as to how I want the final map to look. The final map will be something inbetween Diyala and Kunduz. RSO buildings are coming along nicely and are probably going to be released in complete form by the time Al-Haddar is complete.
  14. Aphex26

    Karia Terrain

    Update Changelog (V1.3) -Adjusted Satellite image. -Flattened roads. -Performance increase in town. -Added concrete to town. -Improved clutter performance. Download Link
  15. Aphex26

    [WIP] Al-Haddar Terrain

    Week 3 Completion Update Completion Chart This week has been a bit slower. I've joined the RSO team and will be assisting them where I can. Im building a new website for them, learning how to help with the buildings, and working on some back-end stuff for al-haddar so i've been a bit distracted with that. I am not going to post any screenshots this week because everything still looks very barren and plain. Again im just concepting at this moment and will detail later to get the right "tone". I've color corrected the sat image to make it look like it does in real life a bit more. Another member of the RSO team found me some really good image and video references of Al-Haddar in real life and i think ive matched the desert color pretty well. With that said i'm still working on the project and will likely finish the concepting to release the alpha in ~3-4 weeks. I had hopes i could release the alpha at about week 5 but that doesn't look plausible unless I stop working with RSO to focus on Al-Haddar. Further updates with come in the future each week.