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  1. Hey there everyone. I am experiencing issues on my Life server with R3F Revive provided by madbull. For some reason, after the initial count down, you are left at a screen that says "Timer Any" which makes it impossible for people to respawn/die. I am guessing this is related to my respawn script for the Life server, but I can't figure out what within both of these scripts is causing the conflict. Does anyone know what I should be looking for here? R3F is written in French, which makes it more annoying for me to edit because I do not speak French.
  2. Squad name: 101st Airborne Division Timezone/location : US & EU options Gamemode preference: Tactical Realism (we host both co-op and pvp) Contact email: Use website Website address: http://www.arclightgaming.com/101ab Short description: Arma 2 ACE mod unit, looking for responsible and mature members. We are based within a multi-gaming community. Language: English
  3. x sorry wrong section, pls delete this post
  4. I am editing a few scripts on Island Life, and have hit a bug. My day/night cycle appears to be set to 2 seconds for each stage, causing the server to go from day to night to day repeatedly. However, I have not messed with anything related to the day/night cycle, so I'm really confused. What could be causing this bug? [EDIT] I have solved the issue. Basically I fixed our previously broken skiptime script, which was written wrong. As soon as I commented it out, the time bug was fixed.
  5. Our Wasteland server is currently down for maintenance, however we do have an Island Life server up. Our IL server is EXTREMELY STRICT ROLE PLAY that will be enforced by kicks and 1 day bans. Please visit our website to read more about it, and filter "Arclight" to join!
  6. http://i.imgur.com/mTifkVE.png?2 (112 kB) Hello and welcome to our Wasteland server! We are a relaxed community who are strict with our rules, and willing to put down the "harsh law" to make sure our servers are enjoyable for all. We have a team of highly skilled developers, administrators, and moderators able to focus all their attentions to our servers. Our servers are lag free and can provide a enjoyable experience for all! Our friendly members offer a calming environment within the stressful mission, and our previous training in realism helps our members to work together to build bases, complete objectives, and work as a unified group. If this interests you, I invite you to join!
  7. script

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone! My name is " Script " and I'm an avid Arma 2 fan :) I play many different mods, from Wasteland to Island Life, and am even in a Realism squad (101st Airborne for the win <3). I'm going to be turning 23 on the 8th, and I guess the most interesting thing people find about me is that I'm a girl :P I'm fairly immature for my age, but I know when too far is too far and can be EXTREMELY serious at times (thus realism). Well that's all I've got to say :)