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  1. lukinator96

    Russia Divided

    Download Link Steam Requeirments: CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons Contact DLC Apex DLC In 2007 after a decade a corrupted and weak democratic regime of Russia is tested with a new ultranationalist movement. Backed up with foreign weaponry, vehicles and special forces Loyalist forces are raging war against combined Nationalist and Communist guerillas. Based on COD4 classic faction of russian goverment loyalist forces. They do wear blue uniforms and equiped with black western gear combined with some russian iconic headgear and weapons. -Zeus compatible -Randomized headgear -Loyalist SF and regular inf. To do: -Ultranationalist forces. -Western intervention forces. -Russian abrams.
  2. Download via Steam Dependancies: -CUP Weapons -CUP Units -CUP Vehicles -Cold War Rearmed 3 -VME PLA Mod What's inside: -PLA faction stylized with BF2 fashion. -Type 87 and Tibet uniforms for PLA troops and SF. -Infantry mostly utilize Type 56-2, AKs, while designited roles and SF do use QBZ carbines and rifles from VME PLA mod. -Retextured VME PLA vehicle(I've added camo and tried making the visuals as better as I've could) from original game pool and some more. -Zeus compatible. Known issues: -VME PLA dependancy is big, but a lot of it's vehicles are used, also weapons. -No fixed wing aircraft for the moment, since I've found none from game pool. -No divers, boats and uavs/ugvs for the moment. -PLA units mostly do not have armor vests, except for ones with tactical vest. That's my vision of things. -No groups. Would be included in next update. -There is Tibet uniform, thou no desert units faction/classes for the moment. -There maybe be config errors. Future plans: -Fixed wing aircraft. -Potentially do my own wz551. There is a model, but need huge help with configs and model.cfg. -Desert faction or units at least. All rights belong to their rightful owners. Install and use at your own risk, I am not responsible for any problem you can encounter. Distriputed under APL-SA, so now monetization, no reuploads, all rights belong to their rightfull owners. Credits: -EA for game that rocked for ages, and still rocks right now. -Hcpookie for cool VME PLA mod which do have a lot of stuff in it. -S&S team for bdu's and lbv's which quality is just amazing. -Lemonium for type 87 camo template, it is really outstanding. -CUP team for their mod. -Bohemia for an amazing platform to play with.
  3. lukinator96

    Arma 3 - Middle Eastern Coalition

    It do have vodnik.
  4. lukinator96

    Arma 3 - Middle Eastern Coalition

    Updated to 1.0 beta -Fully zeus compatiable -MEC insignia patch added -Added vehicles: Quillin, T-100, Sochor, BMP2T Stalker, Mi-48, zodiak boat and assault boat. -Static 2b14 Podnos mortar added. -Few errors in config are fixed now.
  5. Initial release version 1.0 alpha Download Link What's in the mod? -Classical BF2 faction, somewhere tweaked for my own favor. Specops and regular troops for now. -Lots of CUP vehicles retextured to resemble MEC ones. -There are few uniforms there, some are not used right now, but feel free to use them in arsenal or equip your own units. Hope, I'll update and get some guys to wear it too. -Guys do have randomized headgear and lot's of authentical facewear, including... well yeah beards. Recommended mods: Best to use with TOH Characters, so their faces are not really similar. Planned: -Uavs -Add 2035 vehicles with new textures -Fully copy CSAT infantry tree. -National Guard units??? Desert units??? -Potentially do a lightweight version with a2 assets without S&S, but should I? Dependancies: CUP Weapons CUP Units Cup Vehicles S & S S & S: New Wave Install and use at your own risk, I am not responsible for any problem you can encounter. Distriputed under APL-SA, so now monetization, no reuploads, all rights belong to their rightfull owners. Credits: Aegis/Atlas team - their mods got me understand how the things done. BIS - for awesome opportunities. Brian Hate Games - S&S and New Wave mod. CUP Team - dependancy which is just necessary for mod like this. Rusty - his camo templates are just the best. Electronic Arts - for the original faction design and great BF2 Game. Screenshots: Known Issues: Some uniforms are there, but not used yet. Some vehicles' textures do still have some green parts, I'll try to fix that soon, but too much to attend to.
  6. lukinator96

    Rvmat break the skeleton

    For my surprise, searching through forum for another problem solution I've found the "hiddenselectionsmaterials" config line which fixed all my problem.
  7. Hello. I am doing a model of different A2 assets. Previously I've ported some vests/helmets, and everything is working just good. But whenever I get rvmat assigned to the character model, so I can get normal maps etc working - I get this. After short amount of time the MLOD disappear and get replaced by the next mlods, which I did not touch for this moment, so there are just hands and legs from the model template. I've tried messing with them, but got me no result. Game keeps replace them with next detail mlod. If I touch them - nothing expect for head/hands appear. First person view is working just fine TBH. Model is here, rvmat is working. I am deeply confused, so alike iconic quote - you are my only hope. Rvmats assigned to hands do not cause this - only linkin my own model. Model config is stock from BI samples, so nothing fancy to look at, though you can find rvmat and screen of the problem inside spoilers.
  8. lukinator96

    Wound textures

    Hello. I've divided model into 4 textures to get it best quality I could, so it's one paa and rvmat for boots, pants, hands and torso, but if I do such thing, I cannot get woundtextures working. Is it even possible to get it working with 4 rvmats at a time? Reducing 4 textures to 1 will get it working I guess, but it's quality becomes really ugly.
  9. I actually wanted to offer help with units, at least when I will finish some project of mine for A2. It's really hard to work on multiple addons.
  10. Hey guys, I didn't look through all pages of this thread, but what happened with infantry and island?
  11. lukinator96

    TAF - Tanoan Armed Forces

    I have a question. Is it legit to port M1 helmet from Queens Gambit expansion? Sorry if it do sound kinda dumb.
  12. lukinator96

    TAF - Tanoan Armed Forces

    Updated the the download link with 0.2 version. Changelog: -Vest and viper rigs added to units. -Added asian identities. -Fixed some classes. -Changed quadbike FFV animation to one, which fits better. -Added MH-9. About vehicles, yeah, porting them on your own is a hard work and the worst part when you see that quality of it just not worth it. I will try making a config for CUP/RHS vehicles in a free time.
  13. lukinator96

    TAF - Tanoan Armed Forces

    I see your point, but we do have here different visions on the Tanoan Army. By using the different camo I wanted to separate them from Sindikate faction, so it was clear who is guerrila and who is goverment force.
  14. lukinator96

    TAF - Tanoan Armed Forces

    I had an idea of using combo of viper harness and press vest, so it looks kinda like fijian army with their alice webbings.
  15. lukinator96

    TAF - Tanoan Armed Forces

    Mig-21 would be awesome addition to TAF, thanks! About logo stuff, I don't really have an idea but to use their default flag right now.