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  1. this is really awesome, but I cant get it to work on my multiplayer map, I think it might have something to do with my custom loadout respawn script? could you help me integrate it in? im lost in the sauce with this stuff. this is my init.sqf so I added ur script folder into my mission folder, added a trigger with the nul = [thislist] execVM "scripts\zod_stakedown_init.sqf" like the directions. but there is no silent kill option when i test it out. this would be the second time i feel like my respawn script is over writing a new script Im trying to achieve for a special effect, and i dont know how to stop it.
  2. CrazyAirborne

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    no problems. thanks for trying :D
  3. CrazyAirborne

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    heres my complete mission file Poker, I may have removed your scripts from this version since it wasnt working, but if you want to get it working for me, that would be fine with me :D http://www.mediafire.com/download/wxg1jk0jdbb88jv/AirField_Smackdown_v1_2.Stratis(2).zip
  4. CrazyAirborne

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    yeah i tried just moving my loadout to a different sqf and running that in my init. but it still does the same thing. no parachute open.
  5. this sounds perfect. can I get an example or a link to where I can get something like this? **nvm, i found your DTAS mission on armaholic. :)
  6. CrazyAirborne

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    in my last comment, the spoiler shows my init.sqf, i know the error is in there. some conflict with the way i scripted my respawning gear loadouts.
  7. CrazyAirborne

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    The parachute shows on my back, but my mouse scroll menu includes all 4 chemlights to turn on, and then switch to pistol. I assume it conflicting with my respawn script. Heres what my init.sqf looks like, I just tried putting your two lines on top, but it didnt change anything.
  8. CrazyAirborne

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    that was the first place i checked, in my menu i have all the different chemlights, and then i have my pistol. no option for parachute. i wonder if it has something to do with my custom loadout respawn scripts
  9. CrazyAirborne

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    how do you open ur parachute lmao, i keep dieing! otherwise tho, looks awesome
  10. can you explain displayCtrl a bit more to me? or how I could use the script here to display with that, so i could free up my hints for other things?
  11. wow! Thanks soo much guys, this is working and it even shows the timer on the screen which is exactly what i wanted. now Ill just have to test it on my dedi server and hope the timers snyc across the clients (or close to it :) but im sure itll be fine! thanks again!!!! *that feel when you've been working on something for hours, and then you finally see the result you want in game ,
  12. ok thanks! I think I understand the code im seeing here, but i wouldnt know where to put the elapsed_time = etc condition(s) exactly. and having the timer start on the map screen makes a lot of sense. i was wondering about that.
  13. I want to limit my mission to 25 minutes. This is a multiplayer mission. I would also like it to either stay on the screen the whole match, or pop up hints every 5-10 minutes, so for example. a hint would pop up and say 10 minutes left, 5 minutes left, etc. This is what im using so far, but I dont see it actually doing anything. INIT.SQF if (isServer) then //RUN IT ON SERVER IT SYNC'S ON ALL CLIENTS { execVM "timer.sqf"; }; I want everyone playing to have the same hints popping up, so I assume thats what the isServer part is for? TIMER.SQF _hour = 0; _minute = 25; _second = 0; while {true} do { if (_second == 0 AND (_minute > 0 OR _hour > 0)) then { _second = 59; if (_minute > 0) then { _minute = _minute - 1; } else { if (_hour > 0) then { _hour = _hour - 1; _minute = 59; }; }; } else { _second = _second - 1; }; }; hintSilent format["Timeleft = %1 : %2 : %3",_hour, _minute,_second]; sleep 1; if (_hour == 0 and _minute == 0 and _second == 0) exitWith {endmission "END1"; }; _countdown = _totalTime - time + _serverTime; while {sleep 0.5; _countdown > 0} do { //Find how much time is left _countdown = _totalTime - time + _serverTime; if (_countdown > 0) then { hintSilent parseText format ["<t size='2' color='#ffffba0c'>%1</t>", ([floor (_countdown / 60), _countdown mod 60] call _numbersToTimeString)]; }; }; this is an example I found in an old thread, i dont know if it works exactly like I want it to, but its what Im trying to work with. any help?
  14. well for some reason, it came down to when just hosting those tests from my pc, it was causing issues, after hosting it from an actual server, the mission loads up no problem.
  15. Ok So my mission is really simple, Im just learning all the Arma Scripting stuff, so Im starting off with a Free for All death match style game, to learn the basics. Ive gone thru tons of forum posts, and youtube videos, Ive had the mission working with a few friends. After adding some more content(buildings and other "props" to the map and stuff, now people are having arma crash right after they receive mission files. I went back through every thing I changed, and even completely started from fresh to try and get rid of the issue. Basically, in the editor, I have 10 playable Blufors, I add a line in the init that makes them all nonfriendly (so we can have free for all). Also, I add the - respawn = "BASE"; respawndelay = "10"; in the description.ext file. I then go on to add 5 or 6 markers with "respawn_west1 , respawn_west2.. etc so we can have more "random" spawn locations. I have one trigger that tells people when they get too far away. I also have a custom gear loadout in the init.sqf utilizing the "_unit" codes. and thats pretty much my whole mission. Why can I load into it just fine, no errors, nothing, but other people are having Arma crash to desktop. I cant for the life of me, narrow down what the issue is. I uploaded the mission file so if anyone wants to be my hero, I would really appreciate it if you could check it out. http://www.mediafire.com/download/c3zg9t44lacbr76/Free_For_All.Stratis.zip thanks in advance guys.