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  1. idolord

    batteries and solar panels

    @Thales thanks for the answer and for the clarification about solar panel batteries. i'll do as you suggested and post those on the feedback tracker. edit: posted on the feedback tracker as 0000156 entry (for references)
  2. idolord

    batteries and solar panels

    @Decho: i think it is already a feature in the game, it happened to me to drop down to 2 Wh at 16h (mars time) cause i was down in a crater and when i came back out the crater i came back to 3.9Wh but it might also be my mind tricking me XD
  3. idolord

    Traduction of text files

    @ hankyaku: i think any kind of translation would be good to the game as more people with less understanding of english would be able to enjoy it (i have even proposed to translate it in chinese XD ) but it is my personnal feel about it. It may not reflect dev's feel about it. @Tom_48_97: ok i'll hold on and wait for the project to take shape. i'll be on the starting-blocks.
  4. idolord

    Traduction of text files

    thanks Lord Nazdar for the info i'll go check it out quick. i think i'll start with the mars_gig and see after for more.
  5. idolord

    Traduction of text files

    can you tel me where this localization file is (if it is inside one of the ".pak" file how could i open it) and i'll be already on it :p (for french)
  6. Hi everyone First i wanted to thanks Bohemia Interactive for finaly making one game that directly and totaly grabbed my attention (even the name sound epic, where "take on helicopters" sounded just normal as "making a cofee", this one sound like "enter the history") Aside i must admit that i'm in fond of space, that's maybe why. If you are intrested in my actual suggestion and not willing to read the explaination of what make me throw those suggestion i advise you skip the next chapter. ;) The first subject i wanted to talk about is solar panel, chem batteries and their behave. In the game actually (in game time mode for instance, i didn't test or played in real-time) i do have chem batteries and solar panels on my rover (yhear i like wasting money ;) ) the first thing is that solar panel power won't restore if you are not "driving" the rover (i mean when you are in the lab or in the office) plus time dilatation also don't make your solar panel regenerate ... It is a bit sad and not realistic as solar panels produce electricity if they are exposed to light whatever happened. For the chem battries (i guess by "chem" you mean lithium, alkaline or whatever chemical reaction needed to produce electricity) so on my rover as i said there is chem batteries and solar panels but when at full charge solar panels don't throw electricity at batteries to recharge them. who would launch a 1200K dollars probe with an average power generator and his batterie not linked to each other ? this "issue" raise another one. I did landed on mars late on the afternoon, and did my stuff, roam around and such. they were still light out there but my rover decided on his own that either consuming solar panel electricity, he will consume chem batterie electricity leaving me empty for the coming night. So here are my actual suggetions: -Making solar panel power recharge whenever their exposed to light, whatever you are doing. -Making full power solar panel recharge chem batteries or alowing us to redirect the solar energy to the chem batteries foreseeing more night venturing. -Allowing control of where the electricity come from or restrict the use of a source of energy. finally sorry for my english (i have to say that i'm french for my defence :) ) with devotion, Idolord.