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  1. I've really wanted that for a long, long time. The big thing I'd like to see is more reaction to being hit, and not just with ragdolls on dead enemies; if you hit someone in the arm that should visibly knock them back/stagger them. That kind of thing is more important at short range though, where it's more obvious that the rounds hitting the target aren't really imparting any force.
  2. That's perfectly reasonable, I can easily do that. While there is an issue with ground foliage not extending out all the way, which makes people easier to spot, the answer to improve realism certainly isn't to make observing distant targets more difficult than in reality. Also 'just using binoculars' isn't a viable alternative; if everyone is getting out binos every 5 seconds that will look absolutely stupid, and take us further from realism, not closer. You're entitled to your opinion of course but I really don't think that removing zoom as the default is likely to happen and it certainly wouldn't be well received.
  3. No, you can't hip-fire with that accuracy. But in Arma 3 you never fire that way; the rifle is always firmly in the shoulder, and you get a pretty good idea where you weapon is pointing without using the sights in reality. Also you cannot always see whether the barrel is clearing cover while using irons; often the sights will get a clear view but the barrel won't be. This makes the crosshair pretty vital in determining whether or not you're clear to fire, especially with the very precise adjustments allowed by the stance system. Yes these systems are crutches - necessary ones to give us the information that isn't immediately obvious otherwise but which is needed for gameplay and/or realism, with other examples being the stance display or weapon fire mode indicator. (not including third person in that, to be clear) That's just my take though, but I think it's one that many would agree with; there's nothing to stop you from running your own server with the settings you want though.
  4. I agree that third person shouldn't be there most of the time, it just leads to people using it to look around things without exposing themselves, which is bad for gameplay. The cross hair in Arma 3 is I think a necessary evil as it allows you to see whether or not the barrel of your weapon is actually clearing the cover you're using; information which is immediately obvious in real life. I view the zoom as necessary as well as spotting targets at range is next to impossible without it, much harder than seeing similarly sized objects at that distance in reality. Though I suppose that effect is reduced fr those with very large and high resolution monitors.
  5. I generally adapted my tactics my sacrificing my AI team-mates. Not always, but pretty much any situation which required disengaging rapidly meant that leaving them to die they'd achieve a lot more by slowing the enemy a bit rather than the traditional behaviour of flailing about and dying anyway. Much as I love Arma the AI needs serious work.
  6. Decho

    batteries and solar panels

    Recharging while not in control of the vehicle would be great, and really is necessary once power failure gets implemented, as with recharging batteries. Also I'd like to see the recharge rate affected not only by the position of the sun in the sky but also the orientation of the panels relative to the sun's position - it's a very simple calculation and when it's getting later in the day being able to park on a slope for slightly faster recharge might be useful.