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  1. Ok thanks, i try and i'll edit after that. :) Edit 1: I tested and its not working, i'll search and find :D
  2. I already saw that, but, this script is only for Lift vehicles except Wreck :/ I tried to do something but it didnt work
  3. I already did that but i didnt know what i had to take :/
  4. Hi guys ! :) i just tried to find how to lift a wreck to the wreck service, i knew the script is in Domination files, but i would like to extract him and use it for a personal mission, so, my question is simply: How can i extract the script ? Or if you got a wreck lift script, can you help me ? ^^ I tried to edit the Lift chopper of Xeno but it wasnt good (too many errors and it didnt work). this is the only thing i want to finish my mission :D Thanks in advance guys :)