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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I want to try something "new". in a way it is actually a real gamble. I don't know how it will play out or how much need there is for what I'm about to reveal. But let's agree that, those who don't try have already lost. Anyway, I'll come straight to the point. I followed the Arma II genre for quite some time, a lot of my friends own the game and still play multiplayer regulary. Me and some of my friends were talking the other day and suddenly it hit me. Why not create a private multiplayer lan competition/tournament. Why LAN? I choose lan because in the past me and my friends had a lot of connection issues on the main server for unknown reasons so we searched for alternatives. Then we stumbled on Tunngle which allowed us to play via LAN without being at the same place. And our connection issues were gone. Another reason is that it is more private and easier to manage. (hence why I called it 'private' multiplayer lan competition) Tunngle also comes with its own chat so everything can be handled there. I know there are squads here who would like to play against other squads in healthy competition. I know there are people who would like to do missions with other players, against other players. In the end it's all about fun, am I right? This is a project which is still only on paper. But what is the general plan, what will I offer you? - A community with weekly events - friendly and proffesional community managers - A place were you can socialize with other squads - Own TS 3 server - New developed Missions - A new ranking system - Monthly Tournaments ( Only one can wear the crown!) *This list can grow once I've done more brainstorming; suggestions are always welcome. Of course with such an ambitions project a lot has to be done. I'm no superhuman and I can't do everything alone. If there are people here who feel like they want to help send me a personal message or post in this thread. What I currently need: - Community manager: Someone who brainstorms with me and helps me manage our hopefully new community. - Mission designers: I'm looking for someone who has experience with developing new missions and knows how to use most of the tools that come with it. If you feel like you fall into this category, send me a pm. - A Server hoster Do you already have own made missions and you've used them on your own server(s), and you have no problem with sharing them with me and allow me to use them in ranked Competitions/weekly events. Feel free to send me a personal message. *More will be needed as we progress but for now this will do. I would like to have constructive feedback on the Idea I just layed down before you. Do you think it can turn into something which can bring a new layer of fun and/or competition or do you feel this is totally unnecessary?