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  1. Arma 2 Island Life Arma 2 Island Life is a brand new IL community aimed at delivering everything that other more popular servers are failing to incorporate into their games such as regular content updates, frequent and scheduled RP events, and an efficient moderation system that allows for fair enforcement of the rules without all the witch hunting that usually accompanies reporting a player. On our team are two highly talented developers that were involved with the original development of the TCG island life mod, and they will be continuously developing new content for our IL server as well as fixing bugs in the current mod. We also have a somewhat talented web developer that also serves as our system administrator that is handling the site design as well as maintenance of the server backend. At the moment we do not have any volunteer moderators and admins, but we will start recruiting as soon as our player base builds up. Server Specs i7 2700k @ 4.9 GHz 24 gigs of RAM 128 gig SSD 1 GBps Port Community Info Website: arma2islandlife.com Teamspeak: ts3.arma2islandlife.com We encourage you to connect to the server and just take a look around. We promise you'll love what you'll see.