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  1. Thanks tryteyker. This step is working right now. Now I've got another problem, I'll post it later if I don't get it sorted out. Thanks again! Cheers, Valixx
  2. Hey guys. Got a quick question and I'm trying for over 3 hours now >.< Here's what I got: My Variables: _townName = ["Pyrgos", "Dorida", "Chalkeia", "Charkia"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _missionName = format ["Clear Town %1", _townName]; _missionDesc = format ["Clear the Town %1 from all CSAT units. We count on you!", _townName]; _hqText = format ["We got Intel that the enemy is hiding in %1. Approach with caution and eliminate everyone. HQ out!", _townName]; _markerTown = ["town_%1", _townName] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; Task generation: _taskhandle = player createSimpleTask [_missionName]; _taskhandle setSimpleTaskDescription [_missionDesc, _missionName, _missionName]; _taskhandle setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos _markerTown); player setCurrentTask _taskhandle; The task destination is always at the lower left corner on the map... Can any1 help me out?
  3. Valixx

    =BTC= Revive

    Hey Ferocious. I've only changed the things like names for the mobile respawns etc... I'll post my configuration. ////////////////// EDITABLE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ BTC_r_new_system = 0; //WIP - set 1 to activate it BTC_r_wait_for_revive = 1;//If BTC_r_new_system set to 1 you can choose if you want or not a revive time available after death (Similar to wounding system in ACE) BTC_r_action = 0;//[NOT IMPLEMENTED] - 0 if you don't want the healing animation (ACE style), 1 if you want the animations (You can't stop the animation) BTC_r_med_fa = 1;//0 for only first aid kit, 1 if you don't have a medikit you need a first aid kit, 2 only medikit BTC_r_cpr_time = 60; BTC_r_trans_ratio = 100; BTC_revive_time_min = 5; BTC_revive_time_max = 600; BTC_who_can_revive = ["Man"]; BTC_loop_check = 0; BTC_disable_respawn = 0; BTC_respawn_gear = 1; BTC_active_lifes = 1; BTC_lifes = 100; BTC_spectating = 2;//0 = disable; 1 = units group; 2 = side units; 3 = all units BTC_spectating_view = [0,0];//To force a view set the first number of the array to 1. The second one is the view mode: 0 = first person; 1 = behind the back; 2 = High; 3 = free BTC_s_mode_view = ["First person","Behind the back","High","Free"]; BTC_black_screen = 0;//Black screen + button while unconscious or action wheel and clear view BTC_action_respawn = 0;//if black screen is set to 0 you can choose if you want to use the action wheel or the button. Keep in mind that if you don't use the button, the injured player can use all the action, frag too.... BTC_camera_unc = 1; BTC_camera_unc_type = ["Behind the back","High","Free"]; BTC_respawn_time = 5; BTC_active_mobile = 1;//Active mobile respawn (You have to put in map the vehicle and give it a name. Then you have to add one object per side to move to the mobile (BTC_base_flag_west,BTC_base_flag_east) - (1 = yes, 0 = no)) BTC_mobile_respawn = 1;//Active the mobile respawn fnc (1 = yes, 0 = no) BTC_mobile_respawn_time = 30;//Secs delay for mobile vehicle to respawn BTC_need_first_aid = 1;//You need a first aid kit to revive (1 = yes, 0 = no) BTC_pvp = 0; //(disable the revive option for the enemy) BTC_injured_marker = 1; BTC_3d_can_see = ["Man"]; BTC_3d_distance = 30; BTC_3d_icon_size = 0.5; BTC_3d_icon_color = [1,0,0,1]; BTC_dlg_on_respawn = 1;//1 = Mobile only - 2 Leader group and mobile - 3 = Units group and mobile - 4 = All side units and mobile BTC_objects_actions_west = [teleportSign01]; BTC_objects_actions_east = []; BTC_objects_actions_guer = []; BTC_objects_actions_civ = []; if (isServer) then { BTC_vehs_mobile_west = [MHQ_One, MHQ_Two];//Editable - define mobile west BTC_vehs_mobile_east = [];//Editable - define mobile east BTC_vehs_mobile_guer = [];//Editable - define mobile independent BTC_vehs_mobile_civ = [];//Editable - define mobile civilian };
  4. I think the Wasteland creators/authors ... are using this -> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?94280-R3F-Artillery-and-Logistic-Manual-artillery-and-advanced-logistic-(mission-script)
  5. Valixx

    =BTC= Revive

    Same here with the watches.. over 9000 in my backpacks.. :> EDIT: Deleted previous version, replaced with the new one, configured the =BTC=_revive_init.sqf file and i'm not respawning with those damned watches anymore. yay. :) Thanks for the fix.
  6. Hey kylania. Got a question. I'm using this one too. Could we change the code in a way, that i don't need to name every unit in the editor and in the init.sqf.. simply put this addMPEventhandler ["MPRespawn", {(_this select 0) call Marksman_Stuff}]; in the init field?
  7. Valixx

    UPSMON for arma3

    I have no drop while using the version 5.0.9. // UPSMON - Urban Patrol Script Mon // Version: 5.0.9 // Author: Monsada (chs.monsada@gmail.com)
  8. Valixx

    Random spawn point

    You can find some of the classnames here: http://www.assaultmissionstudio.de/index.php?topic=934.0 "optic_NVS" is a classname.
  9. I'm using my script like this: _unit = _this select 0; if(!local _unit) exitWith{}; removeallweapons _unit; removeHeadgear _unit; removeVest _unit; removeUniform _unit; _unit addbackpack "B_TacticalPack_blk"; _unit addHeadgear "H_Shemag_khk"; and so on :)
  10. I'm asking to use the MPRespawn because when i respawn in my mission, my soldiers have over 120 Watches in their inventory. Could be =BTC=Revive.. don't know yet. Therefor i want the files to execute everytime. Thanks for the answer.
  11. Hey guys. 1. Could someone explain how to use the addMPEventhandler MPRespawn? I got pre-configured gear.sqf files and i want them to execute everytime the unit respawns. 2. Is it possible to target the class of the soldier too? squadleader.sqf for the Squadleader, at.sqf for the Rifleman(AT) and so on? Cheers, Valixx
  12. Hey. I called my briefing "briefing.sqf" and this is some of the code i've used. waitUntil {!isNull player && isPlayer player}; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Mission", "TEXT"]]; Maybe you can use variables there.
  13. Valixx


    Maybe put it in the init.sqf? call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers "shk_taskmaster.sqf";
  14. If anyone could help me out that would be awesome. /* ================================================================================================================== Begin creating the tasks ================================================================================================================== */ /*========== Creating the first task ==========*/ //Private needed for mp? private ["_missionName", "_missionDesc", "_marker", "_markerEOS", "_markerTown", "_markerCap", "_markerAirfield", "_taskhandle"]; //DEFINING SOME THINGS _missionName = format ["Clear Town Telos"]; _missionDesc = format ["Clear the Town Telos from all opfor soldiers. Approach with caution though, according to the Intel they got heavy armor."]; _markerEOS = format ["town_telos_eos"]; _markerTown = ["town_telos", "town_agira", "town_charkia"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _markerCap = ["town_name1", "town_name2", "airfield_name1", "airfield_name2", "cap_name1", "cap_name2"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _markerAirfield = ["town_name1", "town_name2", "airfield_name1", "airfield_name2", "cap_name1", "cap_name2"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; //CREATING THE MARKER _marker = createMarker [_markerEOS, getMarkerPos _markerTown]; _marker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _marker setMarkerColor "default"; _marker setMarkerSize [150,150]; //WAITING FOR THE PLAYER TO SPAWN sleep 10; // TASK AND NOTIFICATION _taskhandle = player createSimpleTask ["taskTownTelos"]; _taskhandle setSimpleTaskDescription [_missionDesc, "MM: Clear the Town Telos", "MM: Clear the Town Telos"]; _taskhandle setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos _markerEOS); player setCurrentTask _taskhandle; //SHOW NOTIFICATION ["TaskReceivedMM",["",_missionName]] call bis_fnc_showNotification; //CALL EOS Script null = [[_markerEOS],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[1,1],[0,0,0],[0,0,150,EAST]] call EOS_Spawn; //SOME SIDECHAT FOR THE TASK PAPABEAR=[West,"HQ"]; PAPABEAR SideChat "We got Intel that the enemy is hiding in Telos. Approach with caution and eliminate everyone. Papabear out!"; //WAIT UNTIL THE MARKER COLOR IS GREEN, THEN... waitUntil {sleep 2; getMarkerColor _markerEOS == "ColorGreen"}; //...SET THE TASK STATE TO SUCCEEDED AND SHOW NOTIFICATION _taskhandle setTaskState "Succeeded";["taskFinishedMM",["",_missionName]] call bis_fnc_showNotification; //DELETE THE MARKER AFTER THE TASK IS FINISHED deleteMarker _marker; //CREATE AND ASSIGN THE SECOND TASK - seperated into files for better usability execVM "ADG\missions\task2.sqf";
  15. Take a look here if you need something. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Operators ______ Selten een Lux ze gesin an Arma^^