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    How do i restart a mission

    Revert to a previous save is pretty much the only way(that I know of.) Otherwise you have to eat that problem and enjoy a slow rover trip.
  2. Yeah I just tried it again a couple minutes ago. I was at 3:21 UTC and I tried to advance time by three hours, when the little time warp effect finished the time was only 4:21 UTC. ---------- Post added at 15:48 ---------- Previous post was at 15:41 ---------- Nevermind. I just had to get creative and play with the little advance time buttons. I had to make sure that the time I want to advance by is highlighted by that little red box then you hit the advance time button. Thanks all appreciate your help Dram.
  3. Been trying to play with the advance time setting while in space program (after I switched to the "game time" mode) and despite setting the little time-advance box to go ahead by six hours or so it will only advance time by one hour. Is this a bug or something?