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    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Much better than fsx mate ,,, we can get get out and blow something up. lol Arma is what we make it.
  2. Matt@RS

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Not too jerky flying wise. A few stutters for no apparent reason but am going to enjoy exploring this great island...I am a bit worried to hear its using 1 core a lot more than others. Haswell 4670k @3.8ghz on stock cooler 120gb ssd gtx460
  3. Seems pretty smooth when playing to be honest .....the unitcapture recording process only captures the plane co-ordinates at about 17 fps and has a guess in-between frames so you see a bit of a stutter. My biggest problem is with scenery popup/low textures at middle distances.
  4. Dont worry, i got lots n lots of jets in development https://www.youtube.com/user/kazmatt1
  5. Glad to see a few fellow Haswell 4670k owners on here. As far as im concerned they seem to kick arma3's butt especially when flying fastmovers. Im using a ssd for arma and the os, an old gtx 2 gig 460 .Running the cpu @3.4ghz and 3.8ghz turbo with stock aircooler . Im very happy 12000 view distance all bells n whistles on running fraps cost me £500 to upgrade. The plane is jerky sometimes as im using the UnitCapture command to pre-fly then film.... plus the plane is unbinarized a whopping 260mb model. Ive had 5 different plane models flying at once so over a gig and a half being pushed around the sky with no problems.
  6. Matt@RS

    Arma3 Videos

    Bit of Jet action @RealSound mod
  7. Very atmospheric i know is not exactly the same, but ive noticed the clouds do not mask the planes yet in arma 3.