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  1. Hi there, I used to be very active in the Arma 2 community and want to get back into the saddle. I did play some Arma 3 shortly after it released, but then took a break before Apex came out. It must have been about 8 years since I played coordinated Arma with a group, but after messing around in Arma 3 open multiplayer I feel the itch to get back to it. I'm used to playing both PvE and PvP missions with larger groups and feel comfortable in several roles. I've played as infantry, squad lead, commander, medic and pilot. I'm familiar with effective communication and callouts and coordinated play with other people. Though, again, this was in Arma 2; it will take me a moment to become comfortable with Arma 3 and the plethora of realism mods that I'm sure most groups use, in particular radio and medic mods. What I'm looking for is a group of mature people, preferably based in the EU because of matching time zones, who have regular sessions playing self-made missions. I like mil-sim as long as it doesn't get too extreme, meaning I still want to have a laid-back time and chat with other people. Back then we used to have a rule that anything goes in proximity chat, but radio comms should be brief and disciplined. I'm not terribly fussy about which roles to play. Since I'm rather rusty, I think being a rifleman will be just fine for getting back into the game lifestyle. Though I would very much enjoy some variety eventually. I am free on most evenings, though I can only play every other Saturday. Which is a bit of a pain, because I assume that's when most groups have their big sessions. Please get in contact if you have some space in your group for someone like me :) cheers! Name: Scotch Age: 32 Location: EU/GER Experience: Different kinds of Infantry, Squad Lead, Air Support, Mission Making Availability: Flexible; Tuesdays and Saturdays can be tricky Looking for: Chill, mature people. Exciting missions. Coordinated play. Opportunity to play different roles. Realism mods. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ScotchRT/
  2. We are a group of players dedicated to experience Arma 2 as the simulation that it is with the help of mods like ACE/ACRE, to complete missions in a strategic and tactical manner, while at the same time enjoying ourselves to our hearts’ content. Although that might sound like a description which fits a whole lot of Arma 2 groups and communities, there are some differences in our structure and organization that separate us from most others. We are NOT a realistic military unit! We do not imitate any kind of real-life militaristic group. There is no rank system outside of missions and we are not dedicated to play just certain kinds of missions. We are simply a bunch of people that have come together in order to experience fun and interesting Arma missions and we do not pretend to be anything else. While we still use common military tactics during our games, we don’t aim to be like the military. This is also reflected in the relaxed and open way we interact with each other. No dedicated roles, no ranks! Upon joining the group, you are not assigned a certain rank. You are just like everyone else. Naturally our missions include several ranks and roles (Platoon Leaders, Fire Team Leader, pilots, tank commanders etc.), but those are not fixed. Before we start a mission everyone gets to choose what role they want to fulfill for that particular game. This means you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again, helps switch things up and lets you experience every aspect of the game. All missions are made in-house! We don’t play any of the ‘conventional’ Arma 2 user missions like Warfare or Domination, but rather make our own. Most of them are Co-Op missions, but we do like to switch it up with the occasional TvT as well. We are not restricted to certain kinds of mission, so you’re bound to see a lot of different things: Annexing enemy territory, escorting player-controlled VIPs, stealth insertions, defending bases, tactical espionage, fleeing a hostile country, being bodyguards, some good old terrorism and much more. Mods! We try to find the balance between not having every member download 500GB of data just to be able to play and having a lot of variety in our missions. Apart from ACE and ACRE we use a few smaller mods like sthud and stmovement for convenience, as well as several custom maps including for example Celle2, Lingor and Fallujah. We don’t have any particular requirements for joining us, expect for the obligatory technical ones. Meaning you should: -Own Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead -Have a working microphone -Be willing to download and use our modset If that sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to message me and attend one of our games. We are still a rather new group, but we already have 20+ members, meaning games are already happening. See you on the battlefield!
  3. How would I do that? Can I just create an .sqf file, include the code, place it on the server and have it executed? It sounds like a wonky solution, but I don't have any server side addons.
  4. Hey, I've been running an Arma 2 OA server for a while now and got everything set up and working. However there's one annoying little problem I can neither get rid off myself, nor find any information about on the internet. The culprit is CBA. I use Play withSIX and download all my mods from there, so I know that I have the latest versions. I uploaded the same exact ones I am using to the server, yet every time a player joins the game, the server prints out 3 CBA related error messages. cba_versioning - cba - Version Mismatch! (Machine: SpetsnazTeamLead (Scotch) version:, serverVersion:, Level: 4) cba_versioning - cba_a2 - Version Mismatch! (Machine: SpetsnazTeamLead (Scotch) version: 0.0.0, serverVersion:, Level: 4) cba_versioning - cba_oa - Version Mismatch! (Machine: SpetsnazTeamLead (Scotch) version: 0.0.0, serverVersion:, Level: 4) This happens for every player that joins, without exception. I don't understand how the server can claim I'm on version 0.0.0 when its using the same one as me. I already tried deleting and reuploading it, added all the necessary keys, looked for ways to maybe change CBA settings, downloaded CBA from other sources, but no luck so far. It just keeps happening. As I said, everything works just fine and no one is having any problems. By now I don't even really care about the reasons for the errors anymore, I just want to stop CBA for spamming them every time someone joins. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  5. Wow. I knew that the Arma community was a helpful bunch, but your post pretty much exceeded all expectations I had when I made this thread. I took me some time to work through it; you're right, I'm not very advanced regarding MP scripting in Arma, or rather scripting in Arma at all. You were close regarding my intentions as well. I'm not trying to convert TTT to Arma 2, but something somewhat similar. I'm a fan of the board/online game Mafia. If you're not familiar with that, it's a game where every player gets assigned a role out of many that only he knows. Some of them share their goals, but most roles have their very own, which forces players to betray, lie and deceit each other. It's a bit more extensive and in-depth than TTT, not even meant to be played in an environment like Arma 2, but I have a few ideas on how to transport the concept and basic rules of it into a military simulator. Eventually I'll find out whether it works or not. Alright, let's start. The tip about not using exitWith is probably very valuable, or will be once I get far enough with this. It's memorized. I've also had the wrong idea about running the whole script on the server, because I thought I could just let the server do all the calculations, get the assigned roles and tell them to each player, but the way you did it makes a lot more sense; what I thought was just "telling the clients the answer" was pretty much having them execute that part of the script. Regarding the (_traitor1 == _traitor1) , I honestly didn't think that much about it. I was looking for a way to display a hint that is not global but just for one player, discovered an answer to that problem in this very forum, tried it out with a brief example and got it working. But let's get into the code. I had a field day with what you posted; whenever I read up something in the BIKI, I quickly skipped any part that talked about Event Handlers because they sounded rather nasty and hard to grasp, meaning there was a lot of knowledge I had to dig up in order to keep up with you. I do understand what's happening in general, but there's a few little details I'm stuck on. The first one is simple and just about syntax: _allPlayers = +(playableUnits); Why the plus in front of (playableUnits)? This is the same I tried to do initially, squeezing the aray into a variable, but I don't understand the plus. Shouldn't 'adding' the array playableUnits produces be the same as just assigning it to a variable? _currPlayer = objNull; Why did you do this? Just to initialize a variable without a value? Is that really necessary, couldn't you have just skipped this line and started using the variable without it? _currPlayer setVariable ["currentRole", "traitor", true]; I never used setVariable before, but I understand the logic behind it. Somewhat. If I were to translate that part, does it mean _currPlayer turned into the variable _currentRole with the value "traitor"? Is there no need to add an underscore to make sure it stays a local variable, or do they stay local unless you use publicVariable? Actually that can't be, you did use setVariable again a few lines later again and there can't be two variables called _currentRole. So what's happening here exactly? Are both "currentRole" and "traitor" values? But that can't be, a variable can have only one value. So what variable exactly is set to what here? Now I've said before that I think of Event Handlers as mysterious, nasty things, and the last part of your script doesn't really do anything to convince me otherwise. "roleInfo" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _role = player getVariable ["currentRole", "innocent"]; _output = switch (_role) do { case "traitor": {"You are a traitor! Your goal is to stay alive and make sure the others don't!"}; default {"You're an innocent lamb, try to survive and take care of the wolfs amongst your flock!"}; }; hint _output; }; I do understand the switch function, but it's really hard for me to grasp what exactly is happening here, since there's getVariable again, on top of an EH. If you could explain that part a little bit further, I'd be very thankful, because I don't even know how to properly put the questions I have about it into words. Also that part of the code didn't even seem like it made it into the final script like this; when you posted again at the end, it turned into "roleInfo" addPublicVariableEventHandler outputCurrentRole; Now you're pretty much a genius in my book, because I tested the script and it actually works. It does what it should without any complaints or problems. How you managed to do that on the fly and without even testing it yourself is a mystery to me, but I guess I'm just talking to someone with a lot of experience. Thank you again for your whole post, I really appreciate it. I did not expect things to become that complicated so early on, but I'll stick with it anyways. Your post was worth one or two Arma 2 scripting lessons at least and I feel a bit more comfortable now, even though there were still some parts that confused me. Cheers, ScotchRT
  6. Hey, I'm currently trying to do a mission where players are given a certain role at the start of the game. What I want to happen is a script picking a certain number of random players from all the players that are on the server and showing a hint to them, notifying them of their role. Since people can have only one role, they mustn't be picked more than once. I'm still at the very start, so I try to keep it simple and assume there is a set number of players and a set number of roles given out. This is what I have so far: if (!isServer) exitWith {}; // Execute on server only _unitarray = [playableUnits]; // Array with all players _traitor1 = (_unitarray call BIS_fnc_selectRandom); //Get first role from array _unitarray = _unitarray - [_traitor1]; // Delete role from the array _traitor2 = (_unitarray call BIS_fnc_selectRandom); _unitarray = _unitarray - [_traitor2]; _traitor3 = (_unitarray call BIS_fnc_selectRandom); _unitarray = _unitarray - [_traitor3]; _traitor4 = (_unitarray call BIS_fnc_selectRandom); _unitarray = _unitarray - [_traitor4]; if (_traitor1 == _traitor1) then {hint "You are a traitor! Your goal is to stay alive and make sure the others don't!"}; //Give a hint with role information to players if (_traitor2 == _traitor2) then {hint "Sample Text"}; if (_traitor3 == _traitor3) then {hint "Sample Text2"}; if (_traitor4 == _traitor4) then {hint "Sample Text3"}; I tried looking for a way to just randomize the order of elements in an array at first, but couldn't find anything, so I decided to just delete the element from the array after it has been picked in order to make it impossible for players to be given two roles. However the way I'm doing it right now, it's just not working. I launched the game with -showScriptErrors in order to figure out what was going in, so I managed to pinpoint the problem to the last block of the script. if (_traitor1 == _traitor1) then {hint "Text"}; apparently doesn't work. It's my way of trying to send the hint to just that one player. The error I got was something along the lines of "_traitor1 == _traitor1 expected array, object, string [...]" So I assume is that somehow in the process _traitor1 got assigned a value that can't be compared. And now I'm standing here and don't know what to do. Anyone got any ideas or workarounds? Help is appreciated. Cheers
  7. I'm hijacking this thread, because I have the same problem. Rented an NFO server, uploaded all the mods into the root folder of the server. When I start the server without mods, everything works as it should. However, once I start adding the mods I've uploaded to the commandline, the server refuses to start. Is there something fundamental I'm missing here?
  8. Hey, recently I started noticing a very annoying problem. I play a lot of self-made missions with a group of friends of mine; in order to change up the loadouts, we use the mod LEA, which basically creates a loadout script through a GUI. It does work flawlessly when I test it out in the editor/preview, and works in multiplayer as well. For everyone but me. Sometimes I get the changed loadouts, sometimes I just spawn with the stock gear of the class I'm playing as. No one else seems to have these problems, only me, and it gets more frequent every day I play, it seems. This happens on missions I made, as well on those my friends made. I've tried deactivating every single mod that is not required for the missions we play, but the problem persists. We also started standing completely still on mission startup for a few seconds in order to let all the scripts load, but I still have the problem. I'm pretty sure it's something on my end, but I really don't know what. I don't think the problem is related to the mod LEA, since I have that deactivated while playing as well, so I suppose this is the subforum my problem belongs to. Anyone else who ever encountered the same kind of problem and succesfully solved it?