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  1. Took a little longer than expected but I think I have something passable. You can load/edit/save the dbexport.bin file. I don't have it setup to allow adding new entires yet, but plan to. You also need to be careful editing table cross references (columns marked with 'R') since I don't have anything checking they are set right. Also planning to add that along with better errors when you try and put the wrong data type into a field. You first need to point it at the database.xml file in scripts/base of the unpacked directory so it can load the table column names from the xml files. After that you are good to go :) This is built with .NET 4.0, let me know if you want it built against one of the older versions. http://newton-avila.com/CCG_files/CCGDatabaseEditor_0.1.0.0.exe
  2. Got it reading in all the table data. Now I just need to make it pretty to edit and get it written back out again.
  3. It looks like the xml files are actually an export of dbexport.bin's table structure... database.xml contains a list of all of the table names. All of the other xml files contain a table definition along with all of the data they should contain. Going through dbexport.bin with a hex editor it seems to match up, at least as close as I can tell without knowing the format. Wonder if it is proprietary or something off the shelf... Since we know what the entries should be it might possible to reverse engineer the format for all the different data types. ---------- Post added at 03:55 ---------- Previous post was at 03:11 ---------- I did a little experiment after I wrote that. I made some changes to the xml files (increase number of walrus lasers on carriers) and tried to get them to show up, but got no result (similar to others posting). The same edit done to dbexport.bin and it showed up in the game as expected. Also noticed that some of the values in the xml files don't match with dbexport.bin. This seems to indicate the xml files are not generated every time and are just packaged up with the other files. Do you think it would be worth the time to write a quick editor for this file? I figured out what most of the storage types are, so it should be pretty simple. It would not take too long to put something together using .net to do it. Just a thought...
  4. Thanks, looks like I missed that one the first time through. Guess it's time to see what I can break :)
  5. Has anyone gotten the SDK working through Steam? When I switch from Beta to SDK all it does is move from the 1.06 beta patch back to the 1.05 beta patch. None of the SDK files are anywhere to be seen. I am curious if anyone has this working or if it is just not setup correctly in Steam. The standard installer wont work on the Steam copy either.