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    Help with coop mission

    Hi guys. Currently making a mission, my first which is why i'm noob. Ok. There are 6 navy seals, the objective is to go to the ammo box (about 500m below camp tempest) , resupply from the shitty UW Weapon (you start in the sea). After this you go to camp tempest, eliminate any insurgents (they don't all need to be killed), but you need to destroy the 3 ammo boxes around camp tempest. now, i've placed the ammo boxes around. I've also made triggers for each one, which include i've applied this to each one, naming each one with numerals. How do I make the objectives to destroy this ammo box and rendezvous at the extraction point which will eventually win the game? Thanks. Chocolatestar
  2. chocolatestar

    Where is arma 3 beta installed

    what is the appdata file for?
  3. chocolatestar

    User Mission Request Thread

    I'm making a mission. Basically, 6 navy seals, go to the ammo boxes and get proper ammo (you start in sea as divers), then you make your way 500m to camp tempest (from below) kill off about 25 insurgents and destroy 3 ammo boxes and rendezvous back in the sea to win the game. i'm making the mission, but very noob. i will also ask for help so i can make this mission. more details soon.