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  1. Sorry, I am no longer available, you can still send me information if you wish, but be warned again, no longer available! What I am looking for: I have been interested in joining an Arma group for around two years now, even though I only had the game a little over a year now. I learned about the game from the infamous ShackTac, who would have thought it haha. I've been in the mood for I44 groups lately, but I am not limiting my self to just I44 groups. I would like a group that will at least do I44 missions every now and then. I would also like the group to be a fairly decent size, doesn't mean I won't join the group if it is too big or too small, just want to know most of the people and have fun with most of the people that is in the group. Fun is the definite key here. What Can I bring to your group: I have been playing the game for little over a year now, like I said above. I have almost 400 hours logged in the game, well, that's what it says in Steam anyway. I am willing to download any mod that you are willing to throw at me, might need some help getting used to it, because I haven't really downloaded any mod except for one time. My main objective is to have fun with the people around me, funny and serious at the same time. I am willing to be a rifleman, medic, mg, and it is pretty much in that order. I would like to think I am a decent driver as well, so if you guys need a infantry transporter, I am more than happy to be that person. Another thing is that I will follow orders that are given to me. Basic Info: I am 18 years old and I live in the US Central Time Zone. I am entering college at the end of next month, which I am very happy to be one of the first of my family in a long time to do so. I speak English, and that is all I know haha. I have mic, which is a big thing for most groups. I can play at most times of the day past around 1PM since my classes in college will be ending on most days. I can't think of other things to say about myself, so if you have any questions, I am willing to answer them. Contact info: Steam name: DaddyDustin (if you can't find me using that name, use Altair1881). Skype: DaddyDustin18 PS: Remember that fun is the key, and you can ask me anything you wish. Hope to see some groups looking at me, Over and Out. Sorry, I am no longer available, you can still send me information if you wish, but be warned again, no longer available!