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  1. Thank you scottb613. I looked it up and got it from his blog. It is a very nice replacement. Thanks for pointing it out.
  2. I wonder if anybody has the xml file still from this awesomeness. Lost mine and just cannot find it again. Older but definitely the best IMO in terms of syntax highlighting, I can even add the newer commands and reserved words if needed. The author's bitbucket is closed.
  3. hedgehog1983

    Huge FPS drops due to sounderrors 64bit

    I have observed the same behavior also. Completely vanilla. Anytime I am in a vehicle, at every certain time interval the FPS grinds to near halt and the effects sound and the VON sound "jitters" creating a not very nice effect. Happens only when I am running x64, and have played in 32bit without this happening.
  4. hedgehog1983

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Something is changed for sure. Not only that variable, but all the variables that used to control TFAR on mission editing level to make it simpler (channel synchronization, no backpack radio, no microdagr, give SL radios to riflemen). What used to work does no longer work after updating via steam a couple of days ago.
  5. hedgehog1983

    Revive Feedback

    Multiple occasions in which the revived player is seen as still down by some players. Might be synchronization issue. Have been encountered a couple of times now.
  6. hedgehog1983

    BIS, any work being done on Voice Over Network?

    Tried the new audio codec. The VON seems to be much much better. Looking forward to further improvements to VON. Thanks for your hard work.
  7. hedgehog1983

    seagull problem

    Same here. Having trouble with some slots JIP-ing as seagulls. Tried with description.ext and eden attributes only. Both, the problems persist for JIP players coming in as seagulls, even though the respawn is set as BASE (Custom pos)
  8. hedgehog1983

    [COOP12-13] Diary Trilogy

    Thanks for the heads up, my bad. The link has been fixed.
  9. hedgehog1983

    [COOP12-13] Diary Trilogy

    Cool, cool, saw a lot of your videos CiA. For removing the nametags: comment out the following line from the initPlayerLocal.sqf [] call TG_fnc_squadUI;
  10. hedgehog1983

    [COOP12-13] Diary Trilogy

    Complete redo and updated.
  11. hedgehog1983

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    I only added a squad based marker system and our revive scripts. The reception of the mission in our community is mostly positive. There is one feedback from a member that I would like to inquire from you. So my question would be, do you have anything that check if a player is trying to lock using the PCML? If so could you point me in the filename and folder? Where is the enemy AI spawning script location? Is the the accuracy of AI set manually in the script or are they default? I would like to extensively edit the mission to our liking while leaving the core of it intact. But I want to see what is in store for the next release. You indicated that it is near release. Do you have a timeline? Thank you for your time and sorry for the loads of questions. In case you are interested we have a forum topic discussing your mission. EDIT: After talking and playing a bit more, I think I see some of the issues. When the radio tower is up, reinforcement should spawn far away from the town and move into town. That would solve players looking at instant spawning of enemies right near them. Also as soon as the tank is down, another tank spawning right away might overwhelm them. May be a time delay, or low probability might help
  12. hedgehog1983

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Kolmain, This project is massive. I imported it to our server. It is a dedicated and I have some reports back on the gameplay. Their words: ----------------------------------------------------------------- some issues with evolution I thought I'd let you know of: disable require rank for weapons does not work but vehicles does, if you disable both you cant get a rank or better weapons.... in main objectives, reinforcements spawned from tower will spawn instantly inside town as enemies gets killed/destroyed so lots of vehicles in param. = not good ----------------------------------------------------------------- I am gonna follow this project closely and excited for Evolution coming back from all the way back. Also, we are hosting RC6 with minimal changes on our server 1 (Filter = TacticalGamer.com), if you want to test it.
  13. Latest News: Initial post of v8 (May 25, 2015) Description Large scale combined ops cooperative missions loosely tied by a backstory of an Island in turmoils. Players will take role of all four factions offered by the vanilla game to conduct highly varying and challenging missions. Teamwork, coordination is needed for success. Although designed for large communities and dedicated servers, these missions can be played with smaller numbers on a hosted computer as they are highly optimized for good performance. Download Episode 1: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 2: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 3: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 4: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 5: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 6: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 7: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 8: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 9: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 10: DropBox, Steam Workshop ALL IN ONE: DropBox, =3390782&fileuploadsuccess=1"]Steam Workshop, Armaholic Media The island series were played as events at TacticalGamer community. The following are selected gameplay videos to showcase the quality of the missions. Episode 1 gameplay highlights by |TG-355th| Woesterudolf and |TG| Will: Episode 2 gameplay highlights by |TG| Will: Episode 7 gameplay highlights by |TG-Irr| Shoomfie: Features: Vanilla Revive that combines FAR, INS and SRS best features Class based ammobox Team focused player markers Team focused name-tag Dynamic team management Credits and Special Thanks: Naong for code and inspiration from INS revive system Farooq for code and inspiration from FAR revive system mons00n for code and inspiration from SRS revive system aeroson for team management script and for code and inspiration from his map marker script |TG|Toptonic-Butler for nametag script Tonic for view distance script Varanon for task tracker script Xeno, Ghost for their vehicle repair station script ProfCupcake for his Dead simple vehicle restriction script
  14. hedgehog1983

    [COOP12-13] Diary Trilogy

    Latest News: Completely redone and updated (Feb 13, 2016) Synopsis A squad of infantry finds themselves stranded and cut off from the main force due to their isolated posting. Now they must fight to find out what is happening and figure out their escape. Download Episode 1: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 2: DropBox, Steam Workshop Episode 3: DropBox, Steam Workshop Armaholic Mission Pack Media The Diary trilogy is always proudly hosted and was played as events at TacticalGamer community. The following are selected gameplay videos to showcase the quality of the missions. Episode 1 gameplay highlight by |TG| Will: Episode 3 gameplay highlights by |TG-189th| Unkl and |TG| Will: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xq9Q_WaadQ Features: Vanilla TFAR auto/detection and handling Team focused player markers Team focused name-tag Dynamic team management via BIS No Respawn: Spectator Join in Progress/Take unused slots(characters) for respawn Credits and Special Thanks: |TG|Toptonic-Butler for nametag script Champ for view distance script Varanon for task tracker script Xenophon for infantry house occupy script
  15. hedgehog1983

    Farooq's Revive

    I found this one. Untested. According to Killzone kid, going through disablePlayerInput one extra time would clear the inputs. SO he suggested: disableUserInput true; //do something disableUserInput false; disableUserInput true; disableUserInput false; Another bug I found was when a player dies in a static weapon, they are ejected. Since there is no Eject action menu that player simply remains on the gun. moveOut command might be useful in that situation instead of eject command. (between the disableUserInput commands) This started to happen after the most recent patch. This happens with almost every revive script. It will happen if a player is healing somebody and they move while doing it. If the player who is being healed moves away, the medic loses action menu. It is something BI introduced, and only one way to confirm that would be to test this theory with a non-scripted environment in a dedicated server. A medic heals a wounded soldier, but the woulded soldier moves away in the process. So for now, the best workaround is not to heal anybody unless they ask for it. Thus, have attention on the medic and will not move until the healing process is done.