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    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    As the title pretty mutch say's: I saw my first arma video about 3 years ago, and thought by myself: i got to have that game!. 1 day past, 1 month past, 1 year past, and now 3 years later i finnaly am able to play Arma :D. Now i am on a quest to find people who are interested into playing this game with me online, i bought the complete package so i am good as to the expansions. Mods i am considering A.C.E and A.C.R.E (only 2 i know apart from DayZ), but everytime i try to download á version of A.C.E. the website url is down... so yeah that will become an later objective. If there are any clans that are reading this. I am 23 years old, a ''mature'' guy as mature as i can be LOL:p, i do not have a mic yet, but getting one within the next 4 weeks. Thank you Bohemia for making this awesome game, and i cannot wait to see some of you people on the battlefield. Thanks for reading, and have a very nice day!.