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    [CO08] Fallujahbad

    I was using the original version, not the non-hc one.. Some AI spawned, but not enough for me. It's pretty good, I think you can really expand on this. There aren't very many missions for the A3MP pack. I really enjoy playing this one to be honest. :$ I'm a complete noob, what's HC?
  2. Eh, how do I get the vAS?
  3. JustCallMeJacob

    [CO08] Fallujahbad

    For people confused (like I was), you have to download Fallujah and put it into the addons folder of A3MP (not the fixed addon.) As for this map, I found it very.... boring. Very few AI spawn. You'll find yourself running around ghost town Fallujah.
  4. JustCallMeJacob

    [CO08] Fallujahbad

    Fallujah isn't in the A3MP pack. :(
  5. Can't use this in my mission when I'm playing by myself. None of your directions worked (ie nul=createDialog "KRON_SupportCall_Dlg"). I am already using a ModFolder.... nothing is in my pause menu. Could you provide more user-friendly instructions? I'd love to use this on BangBob's insurgency mission for when I play alone.
  6. Beautiful aircraft for a wonderful game!
  7. The sounds are pretty bad.
  8. JustCallMeJacob


    Can you add some sort of teleport script where we can teleport around the map to different cities?
  9. JustCallMeJacob


    It's good but why do I keep getting these errors when I play these missios?! http://i.imgur.com/xgChAPn.jpg