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    [SP/MP] Operation Artemis by RMK

    I get a script error as well..soon as I mouse wheel anything on the intial base spawn. Forgot what it said but it may be healing too. Will check and let you know. ---------- Post added at 23:16 ---------- Previous post was at 23:07 ---------- the box says.. '...ount units group_u >0) &&_u distance |#|_x<radiusheals}_do_{ {if(alive_x &&...' error undefined variable in expression:_x file missions\__cur_sp.stratis\client\autoheal.sqf.line10 hope that helps..since it doesn't go away on my screen! And yes the enemy is deadly from great distance! lol And they are Eagle eyes too! Doc
  2. Doctahg

    Noob controls question

    Ty Delta!
  3. Hi, Honestly speaking I am a total noob at this game. I tried Arma 2 when it first came out but got so frustrated with the controls I gave up. I have played America's Army which I got pretty good at, and more recently, though not too recently BF3. I am pretty bad and haven't done enoughClan-squad based play to be good at that either lol. Am looking to see if there are any Clans out there that don't mind taking a total noob and help him learn the game andhow to play......basically looking for a group that isn't ultra hardcore win at all costs and is more win but also have fun with good people. If there is any group out that for me please let me know. I am a 50 YO Dentist form the Boston area...so East coast based may be best. Just want to learn how to play and have fun. I realize I am not going to be the leader of the charts type, but I can be a good teammate and actually provide REAL medical help in the case of online injury! ;) let me know please! Ty Doc
  4. I have been able to play some multiplayer games seeing ALL the servers in the screen but the other day when I went to play again I got only the DAYZ ones..ion this case like 16 of them. I restarted and I got ALL the r servers back..maybe 150 or so? ANyways...today I went to play again and there they are THREE DAYz ones. no others. I restarted...no help...tried again no help. No filters are set, I tried every combo of buttons I could, cannot get any servers. Has this happened to anyone? If so how did you fix it? Thanks, Doc
  5. Doctahg

    Noob controls question

    Thanks guys...do all the MP games that allow you to setup a squad use the menu? Thought I tried the scroll wheel when I had the launcher but will go try again! U must be the only one I didn't try.... Thanks again
  6. Doctahg

    Noob controls question

    Hi, Not sure what I hit when I hit the key but I am having trouble with a couple things 1) What do I hit to switch myself with a squadmate? Or how do I do it? 2) If I am in a multiplayer game say Domination, and I am alone and want to put together a squad with the soldiers available how do I do this? Trying to learn this game and I need help! in some missions lol 3) If I want to shoot a rocket launcher instead of my rifle how do I bring it up? I really haven't figured this out as stupid as it may sound. I have tried a lot of keys but none do it. I can switch to a handgun though! lol Once you stop laughing please help! Ty Doc
  7. Doctahg

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    \I am also big into MMO's....lol
  8. Doctahg

    Operation Wet & Wild

    Not sure if it was your mission..will go check, but in a lot of user missions I cannot select that and many other options for any of the squad. Having a bit of trouble giving the orders I like, and doing it fast enough. I will reload your and try this! Right now my biggest issues are commanding my unit..like I mentioned, and doing it fast enough to be effective. My other issue, while I have you lol, is how can I get the charges, or any mines or whatever form another trooper? I can have them drop their pack, then I can get what I want, but I haven't figured out how to get them to pick it back up-not getting an option to have them pick it back up. Any pointer for this? Thanks again..not kidding on the noob thing! lol Doc
  9. I am having trouble with HOLD Fire...they seem to think it mean engage at 300meters......:(
  10. Doctahg

    Operation Wet & Wild

    Ty..just found it hard to snipe much wihout the nv to see. I could snipe around the radar tower..the enemy in the parking lot a bit down hill though. I played Arma 2 along time ago. Never got good at it though. The interface killed me..so I gave up. Going to try hard to work with this though. Arma 3 looks much better. Of course I still have no idea how to command a unit. Seems like what I want to say I can't say lol...and I though HOLD FIRE menat NOT SHOOT but a few of my soldiers don't see it that way....anyway to INSIST they don't shoot at soldiers 300 meters away? :) Ty again Doc
  11. Doctahg

    Operation Wet & Wild

    Total noob here...my questionsa re qhat do I destroy the tower with? I have nothing on me that can do it. This scope I have cannot be used with Nv googles. What good is it? What should I be using? Also is the UAV spy only? All I can do is look at the one area and change some of the 1-9 views. How can it be used or what else can be done with it? Ty Doc
  12. Doctahg

    trackir wont work?

    Finaly got it working..don't know how but it just started working! Ty for the help! Doc
  13. Hi..dug out tracker v5..updated the sw and sop forth. It works fine but I cannot get it to work with Arma 3. What do I do to get it to work? it's there under configure and Arma 3 is there in the ir software, but I get no tracking ingame. I must nee dot set something but don't know what. Ty Doc
  14. Doctahg

    trouble selecting scopes

    Hi..I don't think it's a *put it on* issue. I just don't think the game has it all working. Last night the reddot just started up already on and aiming at shoulder height...of course I got it off and then couldn't put it back on...oh well, it is beta. They had better fix it though! I got so frustrated with Arma2 and the controls. This is such an improvement in many ways BUT..they need to fix the keybind issues. From reading I am far from the only one with probs. Ty Doc