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    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Hi Kualus, you are right check this : http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4136155#Post4136155
  2. I have a question: Why is Saitek X65F not supported by the "Simulator" ? I setting up everything for the controller, but in the game is no reaction :( Do someone have an X65F Profile for this game?
  3. aolas68

    Problem configuring SAITEK X65

    Same here Saitek X65F. I think this product is not supported by BI Studio Products: ArmA II, Take on Helicopters, ArmA 3 and also VBS2 I have all of them. This is a little disappointment for me.
  4. Hi! I have the Saitek X65F, but till now I cant use in this sim. I use it in DCS: Black Shark KA-50, UH-1H it works perfect there.