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    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    hi, Question: this means the Zed`s for this Spawn Logic or all spawned Zed`s on map ? If it is "all spawned Zed`s on map", maybe it is possible to make it for one SpawnLogic ? Greetings Thunder
  2. [j4f]_thunder666

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    a new Star is born :D . I was a great Fan of the undead Mod but this seems to be dead. so thank for this Mod ! really awesome, phantastic work. the spiders not really my taste but thats my Problem. I have some wishes for the Future of this Mod. I wish the Players can be bitten by Zed`s and are infected by the Bite. Offcourse then we need a Antitode ;) . And i really wish some Guys can release a Mod like THIS for the Atmo in Zombie Missions. Is it Possible to create a Spawn Logic without Spiders ;) but with slow, medium and fast Zed`s ? Maybe we can set Percentage how much of them spawn. Greetings Thunder P.S. i forgot. atm the Zed`s running through Doors. Is that fixabel or is it maybe a problem by a mod Island ?
  3. [j4f]_thunder666

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi Guys, i really wish we had a Gasmask Mod like this for Arma 3 ! I know there is the HI Mod , but this is less complex than the Linked
  4. [j4f]_thunder666

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2

    really great Work ! Thank you for this. I have a great Wish to your Guys. That would be great if you can add a "GasMask View" if Player is using a Gasmask. Maybe like the BTK Gasmask for Arma 2. Has much more Atmo then. >> sample Video Or maybe the DayZ Gasmask Concept
  5. please fix it we need it :mellow:
  6. sounds really nice but hmmm doesn't work with Java 1.8 ?
  7. [j4f]_thunder666

    Burnes Armories Tanks and Deployment Vehicles

    hi, first thank you for this awesome Addon ! I have some Questions for Mission making and need a little bit advice. How can i start Mission with closed Ramps ? I make a Mission start at Sea and i need to drop in Cargo a Vehicle. How i can do that ? thx in advance
  8. [j4f]_thunder666

    RH wip Thread

    cant wait for this beauties