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  1. Also It seams that the Player Resupply may be broken for me 2 at the same mission. it have been an hours since i requested a airdrop no units and its locked in the request screen..
  2. Hi! Awesome update! I have a problem tho with one of my invasion maps, for some reason i get this error: "ALIVE CMP - Warning no usable groups found to use faction used may be faulty." Everything is synced up and should be configured correctly. BLU_F are tho using only custom placement. (Is that the error?)
  3. Ah ok how sad cause it was kind a enjoying having civis in the military base.
  4. It did not work actually tried that. A test site I use is the north east lighthouse on stratis. We're a civilian building is inside the military base. EDIT: pictures are awesome: http://share.coldevil.com/misc/ignore.png (873 kB)
  5. Hi! Is it possible to leave out one or two buildings from the profiling system? For example sometimes there are civilian building way out of town or inside a military facility. Is it then possible to stop the civilian population handling from noticing certain buildings. Via building ID or something like that without leavening the zone out completely.
  6. // Teleports a person to the marker "(Name)". You can place this marker anywhere on the map. // The marker can also be moved. // // To use: Add this script as an action on an item like a flag pole. // //this addAction ["Teleport - Para Jump","teleport.sqf",["PMC",1000]]; //this addAction ["Teleport - NATO Base","teleport.sqf",["NATO",0]]; // // Get the destination. _dest = (_this select 3) select 0; _alti = (_this select 4) select 0; // Get a random direction _dir = random 359; // Move the person 15 meters away from the destination (in the direction of _dir) player SetPos [(getMarkerPos _dest select 0)-2*sin(_dir),(getMarkerPos _dest select 1)-2*cos(_dir)]; player setPosASL [position player select 0, position player select 1, _alti]; When i change the last line _alti to a number it work fine. but not when i use a parameter...
  7. Did some experiments but did not seam to work. AISS_all_Groups = AISS_all_Groups - ["Khq1"]; AISS_all_Groups = AISS_all_Groups - ["Khq1","Khq2","Khq3","Khq4","Khq5","Khq6","Khq7","Khq8","Khq9","Khq10","Khq11","Khq12","Khq13","Khq14"]; I have 14 guys standing around inside of a military office defending the place. But they leave the building as soon as some one spot anything outside and that sucks.
  8. A question that came to mind: Is i possible to some how disable the effect of the addon on certain units? by add something to the Init line or there name to a ignore section?
  9. it also looks like the AI respawn config is broken as well: AISS_respawn = 0; ///// Set this to one if you want AISS to use its respawn and 0 if you use another script or dont care to use any respawn. AISS_Respawns = 0; ///// times each group will respawn. AISS_Resdelay = 999; //// time of delay in seconds before each respawn. EDIT: Never mind forgot to add: AISS_SCRIPT = TRUE;
  10. Question: If i add any lines from the UserConfig file to a mission will the mission overwrite the UserConfigs settings? EDIT: And does silencer effect Shotsfired parameters and radio report?
  11. Is it possible to lower the range of the radios? For annoying effect.
  12. That sucks... But is it possible to bypass this by using the first idea I had of just recognizing the charge exploding and activate a trigger to set damage? Cause I actually need that code for a nother thing to :P
  13. Multiplayer and when the explosive is set off. To destroy a radio tower. Cause one charge is not doing it. :)
  14. Hi I'm trying to make a trigger to be activated when a planted explosion is set of. Am i on the right track when i type it like this? Condition: count ?explotionA? > 1 || count ?explotionB? > 1 OnAcc: ([5232, 5012] nearestObject 32012) setDamage 1;