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    Task Force Mamba

    Task Force Mamba is still currently recruiting!!! We've reached around 60 active members and we are expanding rapidly!! We're currently hosting 4 ArmA III servers, (this includes training and Ops servers). Take a look at the website today, there's something HUGE in the works for our community. Stay Tuned, [TFM]SGT Brickle
  2. Task Force Mamba About Task Force Mamba: Task Force Mamba (TFMamba) is a serious tactical gaming community aimed at providing fun through the use of real world military tactics. As a member of Task Force Mamba you will experience the thrill of simulated combat in a way that no other community can provide. While we are a serious community, focused on tactical realism and milsim-type gameplay, we do like to have fun! When you join TFMamba, you will be placed on a Recruit Probationary status for 14 days, this will allow our Senior Officers to evaluate your performance and attendance. TFMamba recently bought a dedicated server and we now have THREE ArmA III servers up at all times: one for OPs, one for Insurgency/Annex/etc, and one for Wasteland (although our members generally don't use this one ;). We will also have an ArmA II server up soon, so we'll be expanding to ArmA II as well and we're working on making an ArmA II Platoon. If you're a fan of the ArmA series and you're looking for a realism-oriented community, join the TFMamba 1st platoon today!! Weekly Training Events: As a member of TFMamba, you are expected to attend weekly training events. These events are conducted by our Training Officers, most of which are currently serving in the US Army. Our trainings are extremely detailed and effective. You'll learn everything from LDA's to Fields of Fire to Effective Radio Comms, etc. Basically anything you need to know about being in a realism unit will be taught during these trainings. They're very helpful and we expect you to make it to as many as possible. Required Mods: We have put together a ModPack that is required for every TFMamba member. This modpack is currently undergoing some major changes, however it already includes the following: ACRE, ShackTacHud, CBA, TAO Modular Realism. There will be more added within the week. The ModPack is available in one package and there is a tutorial video on the website for how to install our specific mods. Operations: We have a very dedicated team of Mission Editors that work very hard to ensure we are deployed on an OP once a week. Usually played on weekends, our OPs range from TvT, to TvTvT, to COOP events that last over 3 hrs. There's a ton of variety and there is always an After Action Report to discuss ups and downs of a particular mission, so anyone can voice their opinions and Mission Editors can take this into consideration for their next mission. Notes: We have over 40 active members currently. We're still very new, and continuing to grow at a steady pace. We welcome anyone to join our TS at ts.tfmamba.com or any one of our servers. You can bet you will have a good time. TFMamba consists of a great bunch of guys that are very helpful and will do their best to answer any of the questions you may have. -We have an age requirement of 14 or older -We expect maturity and nothing less -Attendance will be accounted for during your probationary period -Attend training as often as possible -Respect our command climate -Do what you're told, show up and be active, and you will be rewarded -We have fun outside of training and operations, but when we're conducting, we simulate professionally If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to PM me, or hop on our TS. Someone will be glad to help you out!! Thanks, [TFM]SGT Brickle
  3. Brickle

    TMR Modular Realism

    Can't get the bipod control to work. Is there a way to change the keybinding for this? That would be extremely helpful, as TAB is my key for raise/lower weapon and "Lock Target/Zoom" is hold Second Mouse Button, not changing that haha.
  4. http://i613.photobucket.com/albums/tt218/xXbrick84Xx/TFMamba.jpg (349 kB) My first full length mission!! Created this as an OP for my group over at tfmamba.com, worked on it for a few weeks. It went very well!! The mission is meant for two full squads but can be played by just one squad. It utilizes Bangabob's fantastic EOS script, so if only one squad plays, the other AI won't even spawn. ACRE is required. The OP lasted about 3 hrs total and was very fun. JSOC has mobilized two squads from Task Force Mamba to clear a path to Kamino firing range for the infantry to follow. SPARTAN 1 will insert to the South at LZ ALPHA in Jay Cove, they must complete all objectives and regroup with SPARTAN 2 at the rendezvous point. SPARTAN 2 is to head out of Stratis Airbase to the East to complete their objectives, and regroup with SPARTAN 1 at the rendezvous point. Both squads will then conduct a final assault on the heavily fortified location, "Kamino Firing Range". ICARUS will be providing CAS and TRANS. RHINO will be providing Mech. Recon for either squad via the PANTHER IFV. There is also a 4 man Command Squad, consisting of Mamba Actual, Spartan Actual, Spartan 3-1, and Spartan 3-2, in command of all units. TFMamba will mobilize at 0245 and is expected to complete all objectives! This mission comes with a full briefing. There are NO respawns and NO vehicle respawns. Vehicle rearm,refuel,repair is working. CLS is very crucial!! SCRIPTS IN USE: BangaBob's EOS 1.8 FireBase Template =BTC= Revive F3 Mission Framework TAW View Distance VAS REQUIRED ADDONS: CBA_A3 JayArmA3Lib (or 2) ACRE TOTAL PLAYERS: 26 SPARTAN 1: 8 SPARTAN 2: 8 ICARUS: 4 RHINO: 2 COMMAND: 4 Check us out at http://www.tfmamba.com/ DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kryh7zume0fdr3f/Operation%2520Green%2520Mamba.Stratis.pbo
  5. Thanks for the update. Just wanted to say this script is AWESOME. Used it in an OP for my group I had been working on for a few weeks, OP had 6 OBJ's and one final OBJ, (should be on Armaholic soon, Operation Green Mamba) all using EOS. The larger objectives had dynamic battlefield enabled, and that worked extremely well. We took our second objective, and after about 5 minutes started getting hammered by enemy reinforcements, so before we were able to move out to OBJ3 we had to hunker down and defend OBJ2. Also spawned an enemy attack chopper which took me completely by surprise and was awesome. Script worked flawlessly, I encourage those of you who use ACRE and have a team to play with to try my mission, it went very well. Thanks Banga for the great script and continued updates!!
  6. You're the man, testing now Seems to be working better now
  7. Same thing here, AI doesn't seem to be patrolling around the spawn zone anymore.
  8. Very cool! I've been able to fix most of the errors I've been having myself by just disabling things here and there, but and update would be great ;)
  9. Thanks, that seemed to fix the debug related errors, I was able to fix the GroupID errors just by disabling the Folk GroupIDs, pretty simple. However I'm still getting a load of script errors. From this and a few other things, such as ACRE and EOS. The new update messed up a lot of my scripts/addons. Hopefully some fixes will start rolling out soon. I was getting script errors from the body removal script after the new update, it didn't work before, and now with the new beta patch it's just broken, so I disabled it.
  10. My favorite mission editing tool. Period. However, the new beta patch release has caused me to get script errors like CRAZY when I start my missions, mostly having to do with GroupID I think, I have an OP on Saturday that was completely finished and I went to do a test with the new update only to find that there are script errors constantly flashing on and off. Are you guys planning on releasing an updated version soon? Would really help if it was out by, say, tomorrow?.... Thanks a ton for this extremely helpful template!
  11. Figured it out, To anyone wanting to know how to spawn units outside of buildings, (they will patrol around), open up eos_launch.sqf, find this: if (_debugHint) then {hint "Spawning house patrol";}; _spwnposNew = [_currentPOS, random _eosMarkerSizeB, random 359] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _sideEOSInf = [_spwnposNew, _enemyFactionVehicle, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> _enemyFaction >> _enemyTeam >> _typeGroup >> _currentEOStype),[],[],[0.25,0.4],[],[_eosGroupSize,0]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; 0=[_currentPOS,units _sideEOSInf,_eosMarkerSizeB,0,[0,4],true]; //call callHouseScript; As you can see, I have commented out the callHouseScript command and the script is no longer spawning AI in buildings, no errors whatsoever. Thanks for the great script Banga!
  12. Not sure exactly what I'm looking for here, I'm not very good when it comes to scripting. Can you further assist me with this? Thanks
  13. Script is great, I'm currently using it to build an OP for my group. One question though, is there a way to disable the shkbuildpos script so the AI DON'T spawn in the nearest building? This is quite frustrating, I've tried disabling it several different ways and can't seem to find out how to do it without breaking the rest of the script. This would be a very nice feature in the future ;) I don't want to have a firebase look empty until friendlies open a door and find a whole squad just chillin out inside a building. Thanks