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    KillZone TvT / Coop sector control

    Looks pretty good Ice. I just put it on our server tonight, so I haven't had much time with it, but it looks good. Thanks!
  2. Looks good Jo man. I like that a bunch of developers are coming together for Altis. Can't wait to see what you guys churn out!
  3. So, just out of curiosity, what are you working on Jo? I have limited code skills, but you have my Git username if you need anything.
  4. 1) unpack mission .pbo 2) navigate to Sandbox65_GoT_Wasteland_V23.Stratis\client\functions\initsurival.sqf 3) Lines 9 and 10 dictate how long until the player will starve/get dehydrated, in seconds ie: I changed both of mine to 3600 seconds, so it takes one hour till zero.
  5. Cosmo121

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    FLOTgaming.net has also sent in a request to host Sa-matra's Wasteland, a little over a month ago, with no reply. Our goal is to host a stable US East Coast server on a dedi box, none of this basement 'hosting'. We already have a GoT variant out there. Check us out at FLOTgaming.net.
  6. I did not have that file in the db folder. I added it, and will try again. Edit: Still not working. Is that a user created file? In other words, do I have to create it? I tried both ways, still nothing. Also, did you put this line in your mission .sqf file, as it says in the iniDB readme file?
  7. 1) Awesome work Jo! We started running it last night, all is smooth! 2) Could you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the script that determines the amount of barriers that spawn? And also the countdown (speed) of hunger and thirst? 3) Has anyone got the base saving to work yet? -I set GoT_baseSaving to 1 -uploaded @inidb folder and corresponding contents into the main arma directory on the server IAW the inidb readme file Am I missing something? The inidb mod is a .rar download. :confused:
  8. Sounds good. Thanks for the links!
  9. @JoSchaap Hello! FLOTgaming.net has been hosting your Wasteland mod for a little over a week now with great success. Thank you for your time and hard work! A few things that have been brought up on our server is the glitching food sacks and water barrels (they kind of bounce around when placed), and that the AI 'patrolling helicopters' are a little over powered, especially when the Titan is the only lockable AA now and it can only be found at the gun stores. A few things that we would like to see in the future are a radar crate that can be purchased (for a large amount) at the gun store for well established bases, and the ability to easily modify the beginning loadout (we would like to drop the assault pack and just have them spawn with a smaller carrier). Also the 40mm grenades are not in the gun store, but I was told that was the game and not the mod? Thanks again, Cosmo